KVAC Champs! LA girls XC won the KVAC Championships for the first time ever on Saturday. From left are runners Callie Stapp, Adeline Hall, Marina McManus, Clara Goltz, Audrey Hufnagel, Dylan Burmeister, and Bronwen Coffin. Not pictured: Grace Houghton.

Congratulations to our Girls XC team who finished first in the KVACs on Saturday. Our boys came in second, finishing off a great day for our runners and coaches. On to the Regional meet on Saturday in Cumberland, along with the soccer and field hockey teams who begin playoffs later this week. Good Luck to all!

I recently took advantage of the wonderful stretch of fall weather to play tennis doubles with my wife Melissa and two local scientists.  Melissa urged me to pick up tennis when we arrived here in 2019. A sport she has a deep connection to and passion for, tennis has become an opportunity for me to learn from her and to share her joy and her connections to the greater community here in Lincoln County.

That learning continued as we finished our two sets of play, and I watched these two notable experts in their fields engage one another. One is a semi-retired mathematician who had worked on problems in quantum mechanics, the other a scientist at Bigelow Laboratory studying small organisms vital to the food chain of our oceans, and they excitedly traded questions to establish some common language central to understanding in learning.

As the conversation drifted to differences in size of the same species at the poles or equator I was reminded of the power of good questions, of how important it is to seek understanding when we are learning, and that if two parties are invested in finding some common understanding, learning can certainly be had.

We are at that point where some of the excitement of being back together in school and meeting new people is fading into the work in classes. As midterm reports come out, don’t forget that we are all here to help ensure all students find success in their courses. I know our faculty are happy to help engage in finding that common language in their disciplines and help move learning forward.  Often all it takes is asking that first question.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you or your student.

Be well and stay safe,

Jeffrey S. Burroughs
Head of School