Lincoln Academy at dawn

In the last two school meetings I’ve shared a bit about my childhood as a military kid. My father is an army veteran. A retired Lt Colonel in the US Army, he began his military service in ROTC in college and became a commissioned officer. Called up to active duty shortly after graduating from college with his masters degree in mechanical engineering, he, my mom, and my oldest sister left for Stuttgart, Germany where he was stationed with the Army Corps of Engineers. My younger brother and I were born in Germany, and while none of us kids remember much about living abroad, there was no shortage of photos or 8mm movies to watch when we were growing up.

My father continued to serve in the military through my childhood, joining the army reserves after returning from active duty, and we took our summer vacations in the mid -Atlantic. Fort Belvoir and Fort IndianTown Gap were the two I remember best. I’ve always had a great deal of pride in my father and his service, and he showed me how important it is to respect those that choose to serve in the armed forces.

As we celebrate Veterans Day on Thursday, we take a moment to thank all those who have served our country. To our faculty and staff, family members, and others in our community, we offer thanks for your dedication and commitment.

One more week to go in the trimester–let’s finish strong. Be well and stay safe,

Jeffrey S. Burroughs
Head of School