Scenes from 2022 Winter Carnival: Quiz Bowl, Volleyball, and Tropical Day.
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Lincoln Academy’s 2022 Winter Carnival brought to life a week of fun and games steeped in decades of tradition, as LA classes battled for dominance in the classic Faculty Shield Competition. Contests included dodgeball, volleyball, quiz bowl, and the classic obstacle course, as well as daily dress up themes where classes could earn points based on the number of students who participated. Due to weather conditions, outdoor activities including the snow sculpture competition had to be canceled.

“We went into Winter Carnival hoping to have as normal an event as we could given the Covid situation,” said Student Body President Addie Brinkler, who organized this year’s Winter Carnival along with the 2021-22 Student Council. “But we had to do all the planning ahead of time not knowing what case counts would be like, or what we would actually be able to pull off. Luckily, Covid conditions allowed us to have a pretty normal Winter Carnival week, with two classes at a time in the gym for the big events. People really got into the spirit of things, even those who had never seen an LA Winter Carnival before.”

“People really got into the spirit of things, even those who had never seen an LA Winter Carnival before.”

“It was really great to be back in the gym for the activities during Winter Carnival,” said Head of School Jeff Burroughs, who participated in a faculty volleyball game against the seniors. “The school spirit was evident throughout the week with participation in the daily themes and the competition between the classes in the gym. The planning committee did a great job”

A new twist this year was the “Anything But a Backpack” theme for dressing up on Wednesday, February 16. Students were encouraged to carry their books and laptops in nontraditional carriers, and they got creative. Some notable vessels included crock pots, ice fishing baskets, baby strollers, and shopping carts. Junior Nicky Archer brought a full-sized surfboard bag, and senior Corbin Drake carried a gigantic steamer trunk through the halls.

“Wednesday took us by surprise,” said Brinkler. “I expected it to be fun, but it was overwhelming–in a good way– how many people participated. It got a little crowded between classes, but it was actually really awesome to see a little bit of harmless and chaotic fun. There was real laughter in the hallways for the first time in a long time. People said it really felt like Winter Carnival again.”

At the end of the week, seniors were the 2022 Winter Carnival victors, while juniors and freshmen tied for second. One difference maker for the ninth grade class was a vote by faculty for the most sportsmanlike conduct during the week, which was won by the freshmen. This win pushed them from third place into a second-place tie with the juniors.

“This year’s Winter Carnival was probably the most student-driven ever,” said Assistant Athletic Director and school spirit leader Phil Page, who has been participating in Winter Carnival almost every year since he attended LA as a student in the late 1960s. “The Student Council led by [science teacher and Student Council advisor] Joe Walter kept things running smoothly throughout the week. It was great to have students back in the gym observing and displaying school spirit during the daily competitions.”

Scenes from 2022 Winter Carnival: Quiz Bowl, Tropical Day, and Dynamic Duos.
More photos on the LA Flickr page.