Karen-Ann Hagar-Smith stands in the garage of the Waldoboro Town Hall, Feb. 23. She says, “This, the town hall, is the place in Waldoboro that makes me the happiest. It’s my refuge, my place of safety. It’s where I feel loved and supported with every crazy, sad, challenging or fun day.” (Photo courtesy Rebecca Cooney)

Waldoboro Voices: Karen-Ann Hagar-Smith ’89

“Waldoboro Voices” is a new column by Waldoboro resident Rebecca Cooney. 

Karen-Ann Hagar-Smith has been Waldoboro’s community navigator since 2020. For three days a week, she lends a hand to people in Waldoboro – finding housing after a fire, food for a hungry family, funds to pay a utility bill, a place inside rehab to recover after hitting bottom. As Karen-Ann puts it, “It’s part of my own recovery – paying it forward.”

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Originally published March 8, 2022 in The Lincoln County News. Click on the link above to read the full article.