Lincoln Academy’s newly elected Student Body President, junior Bella Herring, speaking to the LA student body during a Friday Community Meeting.

Bella Herring, a junior from Waldoboro, is Lincoln Academy’s new Student Body President. She was elected on April 15 through a vote of the LA student body. She took office last week, replacing outgoing Student Body President Addie Brinkler ’22, who will graduate in June.

Herring lives in Friendship, but is originally from Washington state. She and her family moved to Maine in the summer of 2018, and she started ninth grade at LA the following year in 2019. Since her freshman year Herring has played field and lacrosse for LA, plus she plays travel field hockey for a club team during the winter. She is also a member of Student Voices, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Sigma Sigma Chi, and the 2022 LA Yearbook staff.

Herring decided to run for Student Body President because she said, “I really love helping people and I wanted to do it on a large scale, so this felt like a perfect job for me.”

“I am looking forward to the ability to change things at LA with the help of my peers,” she continued. “I am also looking forward to planning fun activities, like Homecoming and Winter Carnival.

Asked what her goals are during her one-year term, Herring said, “I want students to have more voice in school decisions. I want to make the Student Council more accessible and open to all students, and also diversify the voices that have an influence on school-wide decision making. Most of all, I want everyone to know that I will be a fair and dependable Student Body President and I will work for everybody’s needs, not just my own.”

Herring feels very positive about her time at Lincoln Academy, even though her three years at the school have been heavily impacted by Covid. “I think LA offers a unique space in Maine, because of the diversity we offer. Lincoln’s long history also makes it an interesting place to attend. LA has a warm and welcoming community for staff and students.”

Outgoing Student Body President Addie Brinker, who held the position from April 2021 through April 2022, is optimistic about the future. “I’ve known Bella for a few years, and I could tell right away that she would be a great person for the position. This role has meant a lot to me, and has been the highlight of my senior year. I can graduate feeling good that I have left the position in good hands.”