Four LA residential students from Spain presented at Bristol Consolidated School on Thursday, May 5 as part of Diversity Week.

Four Lincoln Academy residential students from Madrid gave a presentation about their home country to Bristol Consolidated School eighth graders last week as part of BCS Diversity Week.

The students, Angela Serantes Casado, Daniela Armengot Swift, Paula Insula Clavel, Irene Arribas Navaro are all from Madrid and currently studying at Lincoln Academy. They spent the morning with BCS’s 8th grade sharing about their experience as part of LA’s Residential Life Program, and about being a student at LA in general. They also answered questions about cultural differences, taught a few Spanish phrases, and shared music, food, dance, and holiday traditions from home.

“They were wonderful representatives for both LA and the Res Life program, sharing what it is like living in the dorms and being a part of the LA community, as well as offering information about Spanish Culture,” said Sarah Kennedy, a Bristol Consolidated School parent who also works at Lincoln Academy.

One of the eighth graders who saw the presentation wrote to the students, “Thank you so much for coming and teaching us about Spanish culture. I found it interesting that the Spanish culture has many differences to the American but also similarities. I enjoyed the food and the New Year’s grape tradition. I learned a lot about being an international student at Lincoln Academy and how it was for you to come all the way here from Madrid. You guys helped give me a better understanding of the different parts of Spain, and how there were later meals and public transportation. Thanks again for coming to Bristol School and taking the time to teach us about your life as an exchange student.”