LA junior Abby Reed (left) with Bath Regional Career and Technical Center Director Julie Kenny. Abby studies Cosmetology at BRCTC and was inducted into the National Technical Honor Society on June 2.

By Forest Holbrook ’22

Lincoln Academy junior Abigayle Reed is the only student at LA to be accepted into the National Technical Honor Society at Bath Regional Career and Technical School (BRCTC) this year. Abby is an LA junior who studies cosmetology at BRCTC.

Abby was also recently inducted into the LA Chapter of the National Honor Society, which celebrates academics, community service, and character. She is also a member of Sigma Sigma Chi and the Talon student newspaper staff.

LA students who attend BRCTC generally spend half their day at LA taking academic classes and half their day at BRCTC studying a chosen trade or profession. Abby is currently completing her first year of a two-year cosmetology certificate program at BRCTC. She plans to go on to further studies after high school to become a licensed cosmetologist.

Similar to the National Honor Society, the National Technical Honor Society is open to students who have high grades in their classes, and are dependable, motivated, and committed. Students who are invited to the National Technical Honor Society continuously produce high-quality work and work well with others in their chosen program.

Abby’s Cosmetology teacher, Jillian Sawyer, says that “Abby has been a joy to have in Cosmetology. She shows up early, excited to learn, and ready to gain experience and skills. Abby is tenacious and takes initiative. She is a born leader!”

When asked why Abby deserves the honor, NTHS advisor, Wayne Dorr, affirmed that she “has the determination to succeed – even when there are difficult times, she does not give up and take easy roads. She has the courage to be a leader. Even sometimes when others choose the wrong path, she’s willing to model strength.”

During an interview, Abby said that “I am extremely honored to be accepted into NTHS. I have worked very hard this year in order to receive this honor. I have really enjoyed learning about haircutting and being able to practice my skills on my family and friends outside of class.”

The NTHS induction ceremony took place on June 2nd at 9:00 AM at the Bath Regional Career and Technical Center.

Forest Holbrook graduated from Lincoln Academy on June 3. This article was originally published in the Lincoln Academy Talon.