LA Valedictorian and Co-Salutatorians will speak at 2022 Graduation.

By Mitchell Straus ’24 (reprinted with permission from the Lincoln Academy Talon)

The Lincoln Academy Class of 2022 has one valedictorian and two co-salutatorians. Maddy Russ is the valedictorian and both Sonny Cumming and Ben Schwink are salutatorians.

At the end of the second trimester of senior year, all seniors who have attended Lincoln for at least five trimesters have their GPA calculated. Whoever has the highest accumulated GPA from all four years at Lincoln is the Valedictorian, and the student with the second highest accumulated GPA is the salutatorian. In some cases, such as this year, two students have the same GPA. In that case two students are selected for the position.

This year Sonny and Ben are tied for the second highest GPA in the senior class and share the salutatorian title. The Valedictorian and both salutatorians will give speeches at graduation, which this year takes place on June 3 at 4 pm.

Maddy Russ, this year’s valedictorian, is very honored to have the title, but she says she values the work that she has produced and all that she has learned more than the achievement.

Co-Salutatorian Fasai (Sonny) Cumming echoes this idea by saying that the moments she is most proud of came from during her time as a student, “not when I was given this title or told I had one of the highest GPAs in the class.”

Co-Salutatorian Ben Schwink said “it’s nice to see the culmination of my efforts come to something. I have been sick a lot this year, and the fact that I still made it here is surprising. I’m glad that my teachers and my mother have put up with me after all I have put them through.”

Maddy will attend Williams College in Massachusetts next year and study biology. Sonny plans to travel to Scotland to study English at St. Andrews University. Ben will study mechanical engineering at the University of Connecticutt.

Mitchell Straus is a sophomore at Lincoln Academy who originally wrote this article for the LA student newspaper, the Talon.