All State Jazz auditioners seniors Cooper Swartzentruber, Liam Card, Ava Nery, and Wyatt Stone.

By Liam Card ‘23
Special from the Talon

The Lincoln Academy Bands and Choirs are infamous throughout Maine for their high-quality musical capability and their extraordinary preparedness. These two characteristics make LA performing art students perfect fits for the All-State and District festivals. Directors Liz Matta and Emily Anderson do a stupendous job preparing students for their auditions and fostering an environment for their students to enjoy creating music. This year was no exception.

Choir director Emily Anderson said, “students hold themselves and each other to a high standard of performance and take on the added challenge of auditions at a very high rate.” This high standard can be seen in the fact that “several musicians who are accepted into both the band and the choir and several others who are accepted all four years of their high school careers,” says Anderson.

In 2022, LA had a total of 29 students admitted into the District festival, nine for band and 20 for choir. The District III MMEA Music Festival includes schools as far South and as far North as Belfast. For the band audition, students were required to play two randomly selected scales, along with a prepared piece, this year being Festivo arr. by Allen Graffam. For this year’s choir audition, students were required to sing a prepared piece, Già il sole dal Gange, and a scale corresponding to the vocal range of the auditioner. The auditions took place at Maranacook High School on October 17.

The LA Performing Artists also showed no mercy in the All-State auditioning process this year, with seven auditioning All-State Band, ten for All-State Choir, and four students for All-State Jazz. The All-State Jazz audition took place on October 14 at the University of Maine at Augusta. Students auditioning on instruments played two randomly selected scales and a chromatic scale as well. Then a prepared piece, which included a head chart, melodic etude, and an improvised solo. LA also had a student audition for the ASJ Choir. Senior Ava Nery’s audition was a bit different. She was required to sing a solo piece along with a balanced choral piece and, finally, an improvised scat solo.

Students auditioning for All-State Choir were required to sing two prepared pieces. Già il sole dal Gange and Sing We and Chant It. Then the auditioners sang a scale corresponding to the vocal part they were auditioning for. This audition took place at Skowhegan High School on October 29. Finally, Lincoln Academy students also auditioned for All-State Band. This audition included a technical piece and a vocalese, two randomly selected scales, and a chromatic scale. That audition also took place at Skowhegan High School on October 29.

LA, again, did not take any prisoners when it came to their musical auditions this fall. LA’s performing arts continued success is a testament to Ms. Matta, Ms. Anderson, the students they teach, and their drive to represent LA at the highest level.

This year’s festivals will take place in person, with performance dates: ASJ at Bangor High School on January 14, 2023. ASBOC at UMaine Orono on May 20, 2023. The District III festival will be held at Mt. Ararat High School on January 28, 2023.

Liam Card ‘23 is a writer for the Talon. He is also in Lincolnaires, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Big Band, and Jazz Ensemble. He was one of three student musicians to be accepted to the ASJ festival. This story was originally printed in the Talon, Lincoln Academy’s student newspaper. Find online versions of past editions of the Talon at this link.