From left: LA students who sing with Tapestry Singers: Matthew Long ’23, Ava Nery ’23, Violet Holbrook ’26, Kayla Cruz ’24

Four Lincoln Academy students sing with Tapestry Singers, a local community choir that rehearses every Monday night. The group is finishing preparations for the annual holiday concerts, “Home For the Holidays” on Saturday, December 17 at 7:30 and Sunday, December 18 at 4:00 at the Damariscotta Baptist Church.

“There is a long tradition of Lincoln Academy students singing with the group and we are pleased to have these four singers,” said Beth Preston, Tapestry Singers Director and former choir teacher at LA. Matthew Long and Kayla Cruz both auditioned and were accepted for All State and Districts. They have both enjoyed working with and getting to know the adult singers.

Top Districts soprano and LA senior Ava Nery, says, “Tapestry allows for me to connect with my community over a common interest: singing. It is wonderful to follow the leadership of more experienced singers as I work on my own choral skills.”

Freshman Violet Holbrook began singing with the group when she was in eighth grade. “I love Tapestry Singers because there’s such a wide range of ages. I love talking to everyone because they’re so friendly and curious about me and my life at school and in general. There are also new people every semester which is so exciting because I get to meet new people who live in the community who I wouldn’t know otherwise. Being in Tapestry Singers makes me feel like I’m really part of the Lincoln County community despite my age difference with most of the members.”

All four of the singers have been private voice students of Beth Preston and are current members of the Lincoln Academy Lincolnaires, directed by Emily Anderson.

One of Tapestry Singers’ purposes is to foster interest in and understanding of choral music among students in its community. To that end, Tapestry Singers awards an annual cash gift to a local student who demonstrates outstanding musical skills, commitment and potential. Tickets for Home For the Holidays concert can be purchased on the Tapestry Singers website or at the door.