LA Robotics team members Mica Houghton ’24, Joseph Levesque ’25, Grady Burns ’23, Connor Parson ’24, Henry Maddox ’23, and Dana Lee ’24 at the Monmouth High School Competition.

On Saturday, February 11 the Lincoln Academy Robotics Team had a successful competition at Monmouth Memorial School.

In this year’s VEX Robotics challenge, there are several ways to score points: robots can pick up discs and shoot them into a disc golf goal, they can spin a roller so it matches their team color, and they can launch string at the end of the match and earn points for each 2×2 foot tile the string touches.

In one match, the LA robot scored 117 points, which was the highest point total of the day. The team entered the elimination round of the tournament as the second-seed team. Unfortunately, LA lost in the semi-finals, but still qualified for the Maine State Robotics Championship.

The State Championship is on Saturday, February 25th. Lincoln will compete 16-20 times during the qualifying round that runs from about 9:30 am until 2:30 pm. If the team does well in the qualifying round, they will progress to the elimination rounds.

The State Championship will be live-streamed on the Robotics Institute of Maine’s Youtube channel. Lincoln Academy’s team numbers are 8030A and 8030B, so if you’d like to watch, keep an eye out for 8030A and 8030B!