The 2023 Junior Book Award recipients are, from left: Maddy Kallin, Jonas Stepnauskus, Will Clark, Mya Bessey, Audrey Hufnagel, Mica Houghton, Tristan Gammon, and Matt Savage. Not pictured: Kayla Cruz and Marley Storer.

On Friday, May 19, Lincoln Academy presented their traditional Junior Book Awards to students who excel in academics and extracurriculars. The following students were honored:

Audrey Hufnagel received the Brandeis University Book Award, which goes to an outstanding high school junior in the top 15 percent of the class who demonstrates a commitment to civic engagement, community service, political activism, social justice, or volunteer work.

Mya Bessey received the Williams College Book Award, given to a junior who has demonstrated intellectual leadership and has made a significant contribution to the extracurricular life of the school.

Will Clark received the Bowdoin College Book Award, which recognizes a high school junior who has demonstrated extraordinary service to the common good and an unusual passion for inquiry, discovery, and innovative thinking.

Mica Houghton received the Dartmouth College Book award, given to a student in the top 10% of the junior class who has made a significant extracurricular contribution to their school, and is respected by their peers and faculty.

Jonas Stepanauskus received the College of the Atlantic Book Award, given to a community-minded student who is a steward of change in our social, economic, and environmental systems.

Kayla Cruz received the Smith College Book Award, which recognizes a young woman in the top tenth of her class who exemplifies academic achievement, leadership qualities, and concern for others

Triston Gammon received this year’s St. Thomas College book award, which is given to a student in the junior class who has demonstrated leadership and strength in all academic areas, and especially strong writing skills.

Matt Savage received the Suffolk University Book Award, which goes to a member of the junior class who exemplifies a commitment to his education and school community.Maddy Kalin received the Yale University Book Award, which recognizes outstanding high school juniors for their character, leadership, scholarship, and intellectual promise.

In addition to the book awards, each year an LA junior is recognized with the Ruth Ives Humanitarian Award, which is given in memory of Ruth Ives, who co-founded both the Carpenter’s Boat Shop and the Community Housing Improvement Projectm(CHIP). The award is presented to a junior with a demonstrated record of volunteer service within the school or local community who displays personal qualities and actions which typify genuine concern for improving social justice and equality, who has a record demonstrating participation in activities at the school or community level, and who displays good moral character in the school and local community. This year’s Ruth Ives Humanitarian Award was presented by Carpenter’s Boat Shop Board member Susan Glueck to LA junior Marley Storer.