Oceanography students at the Great Salt Bay Salt Marsh in Newcastle

Science teacher Betsy Grannis’s oceanography class visited the Great Salt Bay salt marsh last week where Sarah Gladu, Education Director at Coastal Rivers Conservation Trust led them on an ecology tour. Students learned about what vegetation lives there and why. They also practiced collecting data using the quadrat sampling method, counting and identifying small invertebrates that live in the salt marsh.

Lincoln Academy’s Oceanography course studies the physical, biological, chemical, and ecological aspects of the world’s oceans.

Located in Damariscotta, Coastal Rivers Conservation Trust is a non-profit, member-supported, nationally accredited land trust caring for the lands and waters of the Damariscotta-Pemaquid Region by conserving special places, protecting water quality, creating trails and public access, and deepening connections to nature through education programs. For more information, email info@coastalrivers.org or visit coastalrivers.org.

Photos from the September, 2023 Lincoln Academy salt marsh field trip.