Holly Harlow ’05, of Nobleboro, is a hairdresser at Blush Boutique for Hair and Beauty in Damariscotta. When she’s not connecting with her clients and making them feel beautiful, she’s tending to her dahlia garden and planning community events in Nobleboro. (Johnathan Riley photo)

Characters of the County: Holly Harlow is a Cut Above the Rest

by Johnathan Riley for The Lincoln County News

The crown of Lincoln County, its highest point, is rumored to be in North Nobleboro, which is where local hairdresser at Blush Boutique for Hair and Beauty, dahlia specialist, and North Nobleboro Community Association member Holly Harlow grew up.

Harlow said growing up she thought she would move away from the area, but when she got older, she found she had more and more pull to stay in Lincoln County.

“You realize how great it is here,” Harlow said.

Harlow got her start in cutting hair in high school while she was in a class called Jobs for Maine Graduates, where she would go work a few hours a week at a hair salon called First Impressions, located in Damariscotta, as a receptionist.

Harlow said when it came time to start college applications the teacher of the class pointed out Harlow’s love for being in the industry.

“She sat me down and said ‘You should do this’ and I already had a feeling that I wanted to do something different than college, so I did,” Harlow said.

From there she attended the Capilo Institute in Augusta, now the Avenda Institute, after graduating from Lincoln Academy in 2005 to train to be a hairdresser, and started cutting hair in Damariscotta in 2007.

Feeling a part of the community, and having a small, close family may inform her close relationships with her clients, which, to Harlow, a hairdresser in Lincoln County for 17 years, are like family.

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Originally published November 27, 2023 in The Lincoln County News. Click on the link above to read the full article.