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Brian O’Mahoney

Brian O’Mahoney

Contact Information

I have lived and worked in Maine since 1992. I'm fortunate to have had brilliant teachers in my past who, along with my parents, cultivated my passionate interest in history. I also feel fortunate to have learned a great deal from my students over the years. I grew up in Ireland with two older sisters and an older brother, in a family that that loved language and did great things with it. Our house was filled with an appreciation of the past, and my mother took me to commemorations of historical events when I was a child. She had a strong sense of the importance of the common good and passed this along to us.
I like old, simple things. Tea, bees, kids, reading history books, walking, good films, gardening...all the usual middle-aged dad pursuits. I try to be a good citizen of the world.

Academic Affiliations:

American and New England Studies.
B.A. English and History, University College, Cork, National University of Ireland
Higher Diploma in Education, University College, Cork, National University of Ireland
M.A. American and New England Studies, University of Southern Maine

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