Welcome to the Lincoln Academy English Department.  The current academic year of 2017-2018, there are six full members of the department and a shared faculty member from ESOL:  Seth Anderson, Thomas Kothe, Bryan Manahan (chairperson), Brian Smalley, Brenda Sawyer, Patti Sims, and Heather Miller

The English Department serves all students at Lincoln Academy in meeting the required four years of English in order to graduate. Within each of these years, the department has core English courses that are heterogeneously grouped and focused on preparing students to meet the needs and challenges of post graduation, whether it be work or college. Having four years of English before graduation is a National requirement. There is a regular course at each level of schooling that serves to provide a solid foundation of all the aspects of English.

There are also pre-accelerated English courses freshman and sophomore years (Honors I and Honors II) that prepare students for Advanced Placement English courses junior and senior years.  There is an application process for both Honors and AP courses, and candidates who are accepted are expected to complete summer reading assignments.

The Department tries to accommodate the needs of all students and encourages open communication with not only students but parents as well.  To contact any member of the English Department just click on Contact Us or go that page listed in the sidebar.

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