Applied Technology and Engineering Center (ATEC)

Cable-Burns ATEC



We will initiate programs at ATEC that foster independence, creativity, innovation and community with an emphasis on independence – the anchor concept of the DIY and maker movements. We would like students and participants to gain a sense of “agency” to know that they have the capacity to shape their own world, and to foster the inclination to do so. When programs take place with partnerships in the community, all participants learn a new level of collaboration, and can more deeply explore complex problems.

Fall Courses and Programs

  • Robotics
  • Entrepreneurial Studies (open to the community)
  • Metalworking
  • Engineering
  • Invent to Learn – digital fabrication using 3D printers and CNC
  • GIS and Cartography (with community partner)
  • Work-Based Learning student apprentice
  • Remote sensor project with UMaine DMC and SEANET
  • “Most Likely to Succeed” Movie Screening (with community partners)
Spring Courses, Programs, Equipment

  • Winter Teen Science series:
    • UAVs and drones
    • Small engine repair
    • Math and design
    • Local alternative energy examples and tour
    • Micro-electronics – Arduino and Raspberry Pi
    • digital fabrication
  • Course ( with adult education)
    • marine engine diagnostics
  • Winter Career Fair/Open House
  • Laser cutter and larger 3D printer arrive


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