5-Day Boarding Program

A comprehensive, independent school education can be a significant family commitment. Since the Lincoln Academy boarding program began in 2013, there has been growing interest in a program that allows students to attend LA even if they live too far for the daily commute. 5-day boarding makes attending LA possible for students whose families travel for work during the week, or for students who would like to participate in extracurricular activities after school but may live too far away.

Lincoln Academy’s boarding program offers a caring and diverse community of students from over 14 countries and 7 dorm families who share afternoon activities, meals in the dining commons, and evening study in the dorms. This community atmosphere is a safe and supportive way for students to try living away from home for the first time, and still travel home after their Friday and Saturday commitments.

The 5-day boarding option is available for the entire school year, or for a single trimester. Trimester boarding allows students to participate in a seasonal sport, extracurricular, or theater production. This program offers flexible, affordable options to meet family needs.

Parent Testimonial

After our son attended international schools when our family was based overseas, we were delighted to find the Lincoln Academy community upon our return to Maine. The academics, the friendships, the support, and the diversity that surrounded him at Lincoln Academy kept him motivated and led to his success. We live in Maine, but too far away from Newcastle for a daily commute, so the 5-day boarding option was the perfect solution.

Student Testimonial

My time at Lincoln Academy has been really special. I’ve bounced around the globe for most of my life and being here for the past three years has been transformative. As a 5 day boarder, you’re constantly around people, and for someone like me, being able to bounce ideas off of people has been really helpful. Also, with school, I took the hardest classes I could and I was always around people who could help. You get to live with the teachers, which you might not think would be good, but has been great! ~ Chas VanDamme, ’19

2019-2020 Tuition and Fees

  • 7-day Boarding tuition, room & board: $48,400
  • 5-day Boarding tuition, room & board: $24,200
  • 1 trimester 5-day tuition, room & board: $8,100

5-day tuition includes school tuition, all meals, & transportation to weekday activities. Families who live in sending towns with school choice can further reduce tuition costs by the amount of their town’s maximum allowable contribution. Financial aid is available and may be requested by domestic students.

Broad Curriculum

Lincoln Academy offers 18 AP courses, over 30 performing arts courses, and STEM courses in engineering, design and technology. The SAT’s are offered on site at least two times per year. The guidance office offers college counseling.

School Health Services

The Lincoln Academy School-Based Health Center partners with Lincoln Health and Maine Behavioral Health, which provide services including professional staff, medical equipment, and other in-kind support. It is located within the school, set up much the same as a doctor’s office. A safe, inexpensive, and easily accessible place for students to seek a full range of health services without leaving school.  We offer preventive health care, diagnosis and treatment of acute medical conditions, and management of chronic illness, as well as education, counseling, and referral as needed to community providers. The health center provides all primary care services for our residential students under the supervision of a pediatrician from Lincoln Medical Partners. There is also an RN living in the dorm who will be available during the evening in case of emergency or illness. And, of course, Miles Hospital is only a 5 minute drive from campus.

Please contact Hilary Petersen, Associate Director of Admissions, for more information on our 5 day boarding program: petersen@lincolnacademy.org or 207-563-3596, ext. 195.

Why Board at LA?

Community Meeting

Civil Rights Team members at Community Meeting

Students from the Lincoln Academy boarding program come from over 15 countries around the world, with diverse backgrounds, interests and experiences.

Lincoln Academy is a warm and welcoming community of faculty, students and staff. Dorm life during the week is full of activities in the early afternoon; sports practices and club and team meetings occupy many of our students until dinner. Our delicious meals are prepared by our professional culinary staff and are available to all 5 day boarders as part of their tuition. Study hall is mandatory from 7:00pm to 9:00pm, and support study hall is also available for students who need additional help. The benefit of nearby proctors and faculty dorm parents is that academic help is never far away.

Varsity Girls Soccer Team, 2019

Lincoln Academy has been recognized for its excellent sportsmanship. Sports teams are a wonderful way to fully participate in the student community. Recent team successes include Girls Tennis Class B State Champions, 2018 & 2019, and Boys Cross Country Class B State Champions, 2017. Boarding students have meals held for them after meets and practices, and lots of support to attend team events and potlucks that happen during the week.

The Lincoln Academy 2019 Maine State Champion Math Team.

The Lincoln Academy 2019 Maine State Champion Math Team.

Lincoln Academy has a strong Math and Debate team presence in the State of Maine. In 2019, the LA Math Team became Class B State Champions and the Debate team won States in 2015 and 2019. Meets, practices and tournaments take place mostly on weekdays and Saturdays, making it hard for our commuter students to fully participate in these award winning clubs. With 5 day boarding, students can choose to stay at LA for the winter trimester and still go home on the weekends to be with their families. In this way, they can actively participate in one or both of these academic teams.

2019 Debate Banner

2019 State Champion Debate Team

The Lincoln Academy Math and Debate Teams have had great success at the regional and state level. Boarding students may attend practices after school, and meets that take place during the week or on Saturday morning. If they miss a meal for team sports, dorm parents will set a meal aside for them when they return!

Award winning One Act Performance of the “Snow Maiden”, written by Griff Braley, faculty.

Lincoln Academy’s theater students select, design, choreograph and execute a One Act play each year. Almost every year they have participated in the Maine Principal’s Association One Act competition and placed 1st in the region. In most school years, the theater program produces a musical in the fall or winter. Theater production is intense and requires late night practices and performances. The 5 day boarding program can support students as they participate in this rigorous and rewarding learning experience.

“Man of LaMancha” Fall of 2018

LA Choirs at the WorldStrides Heritage Festival in New York City

Lincoln Academy has over 30 performing arts courses, including chorus, Lincolnaires, concert band, wind ensemble and 3 levels of Jazz Bands. Students who participate in after school Jazz ensembles typically stay at least one hour, and as many as 3 hours after school on Thursdays. The 5 O’Clock Jazz ensemble has regular gigs outside of school to raise money for band trips.

LA Jazz Band performs at the annual dessert auction.