It is with utmost pleasure and school pride that I introduce Lincoln Academy’s finest students to you. These student leaders have been nominated for their commitment to excellence, their passion for our school, and their diligent dependability. They befriend and onboard new international students when they arrive on campus, are our tour guides for visitors, and respond to Frequently Asked Questions. Do feel free to reach out to them directly via email to get their take on what they adore about Lincoln Academy” ~ Lu-Shien Tan, Director of Admissions

The LA Ambassadors

Iris Pope '23

Iris Pope '23

lives in Whitefield and has been on the ambassador team for two years. She runs Cross Country and track and loves answering Mr. Page’s trivia questions during Community Meeting. Iris is a talented artist, loves writing and working on photography projects. When she leaves LA, she wants to travel. Reach Iris at

Sonny Cumming '22

Sonny’s favorite spot on campus is the Poe Theater as it holds many happy memories of past theater productions. Sonny believes that the teachers at LA are very approachable, and building positive relationships with them has made her more confident and outgoing within the community. Sonny hopes to study literature and history. Reach Sonny at

Forest Holbrook '22

Forest runs on the Cross Country and Track teams, and has been a Class Officer as a junior and senior, this year serving as Vice President of the senior class. He has been playing piano since he was nine, enjoys life sciences and English, and plans to study environmental studies and journalism in college. Forrest can be reached at

Lily Swanberg '24

Lily Swanberg '24

serves on the LA Student Council, plays on the tennis team, and skis competitively in the winter. During the summers, she works at a summer camp doing the honorable work of herding small children every day! After graduation she hopes to travel, and has enjoyed getting to know the international students at LA. Lily can be reached at

Izzy Petersen '23

Izzy Petersen '23

Izzy has been Class President since 2021. She has competed with the Field Hockey, Cross Country and Tennis teams and is a member of the Math Team.  As a writer for the Eagle’s Talon, she is honing her reporting skills. Her future interests include psychology and applied mathematics. Izzy can be reached at

Aiden Jacobs '23

Aiden Jacobs '23

Aiden lives in Newcastle and has been an ambassador for two years. He is a photographer for “The Talon” and sings bass in the Lincolnaires. He has supported LA with many beautiful drone videos and photos. When he graduates from LA, he plans to hike the Appalachian Trail. Aiden can be reached at

Will Sherrill '22

Will Sherrill '22

has been involved in student government, Model United Nations, outing club and particularly enjoyed jazz band. He is most proud of his participation in Cross Country, Indoor Track, and Baseball. “Something you really should really know about Lincoln Academy is that the students are very accepting and the faculty are always willing to help”. Reach Will at

Skyler Houghton '22

Skyler’s favorite spot on campus is the turf field, especially during Homecoming soccer games. “I chose to attend LA because I believed it had a strong academic program giving you the freedom to choose the course of your high school experience. One of my favorite classes was Mr. O’Mahoney’s World History class; thought-provoking and in-depth in a way I hadn’t ever experienced before” Reach Skyler at

Cooper Schwartzentruber '23

Cooper Schwartzentruber '23

Cooper is an all-state and all-national alto saxophone player who plays in the Wind Ensemble and Jazz Bands. After high school he hopes to go on to study music performance and eventually play and teach music professionally. Cooper has been a committed Ambassador for two years and gives a great tour of the music department. Reach Cooper at

Alicia Flis '22

Alicia Flis '22

Alicia is involved in theater, Climate Action Club, International Club, Outing Club and is a member of the Cross Country and Track teams. After school and on weekends she works at Schooner Cove as a dietary aid. Alicia loves plants and hermit crabs, and after LA she plans to study zoology and marine biology in college. Reach Alicia at

Mimi Kennedy '24

Mimi Kennedy '24

Mimi has been an ambassador for two years. She has enjoyed getting to know the residential students better this fall, participating in weekend and orientation events. She lives in Waldoboro and when she graduates from LA, she would like to pursue a degree in finance or nursing. Mimi can be reached at

Joseph Krawic '23

Joseph Krawic '23

Joe joined Ambassadors in order to interact with other students and help new students feel included. In addition to Ambassadors, Joseph sings in the Lincolnaires and plays tenor saxophone in the Wind Ensemble and Jazz Big Band. He hopes to go on to study medicine. Joe can be reached at

Natalia Tirelli '22

Natalia is an international student from Padua, Italy who came to Lincoln Academy in October of 2021. She is a member of the Cheer Team. She likes cooking, dogs, sports, and drawing. After this year she plans to return to Italy for a fifth year of high school before attending university to study to be a lawyer. She can count in ten languages.

Emma Abbott '24

Emma lives in the dorm with her family and has grown up surrounded by international students. She is the manager of the LA field hockey team and enjoys helping international students immerse in American culture and English language. After LA Emma hopes to live in England and work in the music management industry. She can be reached at

Mara Abbott '23

Mara Abbott '23

Mara has participated in Cross Country and Track, UNIFIED basketball, outdoor club and climate action club. This year, she has enjoyed being a part of the sailing club. “I’ve always liked the environment that LA offers and all the people there have been super welcoming and fun to be around”. Reach Mara at


Marina McManus, Class of 2022

I run in cross country, track, and indoor track, and also participate in a few clubs. I have thoroughly enjoyed Model UN, Sigma Sigma Chi, and Alpha Sigma Gamma. After living in a slew of different states, learning about the long, persistent history of LA was truly an education in humility and strength. It seems that this community did not create a school, Lincoln Academy built this community.

I love how every adult and student you come across at Lincoln Academy has passion for not only their own successes, but the accomplishments of others. I hope people know how many opportunities exist at Lincoln. It’s a rural school, yet it’s big enough to offer services and activities to small groups of passionate students.

Marina can be reached at

Iris Pope, Class of 2023

I’ve been at Lincoln Academy since my freshman year, and I have a long family history here. My grandparents taught at Lincoln and my parents met each other at LA. Though I was homeschooled for pretty much all of elementary school, I always had in mind that I would attend LA for high school. To me LA was the place where all of my friends from different sports or extracurricular activities would be able to come together in a community we all could participate in. It’s a welcoming and inclusive environment that I have been connected to for many years with my parents being alumni, and through myself and my mother working with Heartwood Regional Theater Company. Reach Iris at

Forest Holbrook, Class of 2022

Even before starting high school, Lincoln Academy’s Poe Theater was a place for me to learn how to be an actor. The shows which I have performed in have created wonderful memories. I’m grateful to have been a part of past shows, and I am looking forward to those in the future. The band room is where I start most of my school days, and being part of the band is something I also take pride in.

My favorite class so far was honors biology. I loved the wide range of hands-on activities and projects we did. I learned so much from Mr. Buchwalder, not only about the environment, ecosystems, and the history of Earth, but also how to become a better writer, note-taker, and student. I really liked the stories Mr. Buchwalder told the class and his great sense of humor. Reach Forest at

Maddy Russ, Class of 2022

LA students have so many opportunities. We have a wide array of classes, sports, and clubs to choose from. My favorite class was chemistry, followed closely by biology. I love science, and I liked the content we learned in biology more, but I really liked the people in my chemistry class, which made it very enjoyable. LA teachers have created an environment in their classes that makes students feel comfortable sharing their views and opinions. I feel like my input is always valued in classes, which is important for my growth as a student and for feeling like a member of a community, even just the smaller communities of each class. I’m happiest when I’m on campus with my friends, whether we’re in a classroom, walking to Hall House, or sitting outside during the warmer months. I’m a dedicated student, and I work very hard in all aspects of my life. I can offer insight for new students as to what it’s like being a student balancing school with other time-consuming activities. Maddy can be reached at

Sage Kosky, Class of 2022

The best thing about being an LA student is getting to be a part of a community that is proud of their school. The spirit and school pride at LA is apparent and getting to be a piece of the puzzle is really special. The foreign exchange program is another thing that makes Lincoln special, and getting to learn in a place with that unique factor sets LA apart in a great way.

My favorite place on campus would have to be the Library. I usually spend some of my lunch period there with a big group of friends and it’s always a good time. I have also had many study halls there and the atmosphere feels calmer. Maybe, it’s because it’s at the top of the school, but it feels isolated and relaxed.

Sage can be reached at

Liam Card, Class of 2023

I became a member of the LA community early on, and joined the Cross Country team, Climate Action Club, 4:00 Jazz Combo, and the Outing Club. My experiences helped to connect me with my fellow students and teachers. 

My favorite class to date has been World History with Mr. O’Mahoney. He taught me to dig deeper and seek a broader perspective than what was readily apparent. We spent the year learning about interdependency and long term outcomes based on the decisions we made. The class was very challenging, yet I found it fun and rewarding.  

Being an Ambassador provides me with the opportunity to meet other students considering attending Lincoln Academy and form lasting bonds with students who are already here. Reach Liam at

Olivia Nixon, Class of 2023

I have attended Lincoln Academy since my freshman year. My family relocated to Maine last year and I chose to attend Lincoln Academy over any other high school because of the wide variety of classes, clubs, sports, and activities. Its long standing history and tradition as well as the preparation of its students for college is also appealing to me. I believe that Lincoln Academy’s outreach and community involvement is second to none.

As a freshman, I competed on LA’s Indoor Track team and also attended all ski trips with the Outing Club. My favorite sport is tennis and I also enjoy running and skiing. As a sophomore, I plan to join the cross country team and continue with the sports I love. Last year, I was a member of the Y-Teen Leaders and Outing Club. I hope to participate in MUN and Unified for Lincoln Academy this coming year, as well.

Being an LA student has many benefits and advantages. Attending school at Lincoln Academy is like having a second family. The faculty and students are not only mentors but friends who truly care about helping you achieve your goals. Community Meetings, Homecoming, and Winter Carnival are just a few of the many examples that show how Lincoln Academy embraces its “family”.

This year I hope to be as involved as possible in the LA community considering the complications of the world, while also getting to know more of my fellow peers at Lincoln Academy.

Olivia can be reached at

Clara Goltz, Class of 2022

I have attended Lincoln Academy since my freshman year.

My favorite subjects are math and economics and I am very involved in the Cross Country and Track Teams, Outing Club, and Alpha Sigma Gamma. Lincoln Academy is local, and offers a high quality education that challenges students in a small, supportive learning environment.

I love spending time up on the upper field with my teammates during cross country. It is a great place for us to relax after the school day and I enjoy math class because it challenges me to think in different ways.

This year, I hope to grow the girls cross country and track team so that we can be more competitive in our region and state.

Clara can be reached at

Ava Nery, Class of 2023

I have attended Lincoln Academy since my freshman year. I hope that this year I will become more involved with student organizations.

The best thing about being an LA student is working with teachers throughout the year to get the best learning experience and making new friends from the area and from around the world. It is local and offers a number of interesting and unique classes, plus, the music program is wonderful. The campus is also beautiful, overlooking town, and close enough to town that it is within walking distance. I really love roller skating in the parking lot by the soccer field during the warmer seasons.

LA allows a lot of freedom to students, in expression, in projects, and in student’s individual curriculum trajectory. This has helped me to explore who I want to become academically while continuing to express my own personal experiences and individuality in projects and classes. Also, student meetings and classes have allowed me to form friendships with many students that I might not have interacted with on a regular basis.

This year I hope to be able to bring our academic community together in the safest possible way. Ava can be reached at

Gabriela Hagar, Class of 2022

I have attended Lincoln Academy since my freshman year. I love all of my classes, but I really enjoy science. I am a part of the Civil Rights team, Library team, and I try do help out as much as possible wherever I’m needed!

Lincoln is my happy place. Honestly, I love the community, the classes, and well, everything… I can’t just pick. My favorite thing about the building is the smell of pancakes from Mr. Cheff’s room and the amazing singing coming from Mr. Scimone’s room! My sophomore year, I had Mr. Smalley as my English teacher; he knows how to get you into a good book! He also was very fun and had the class always interested. He was very kind and understanding, and you felt as if you could tell him anything.

I think Lincoln Academy has made me a better person; it’s helped me grow stronger academically. I went from feeling very unmotivated to always wanting to help even if that means running around the school and never getting a break to take a breath. As long as I’m helping and meeting new people!

Gabriela can be reached at

Fun Videos from the LA Ambassadors