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Lincoln Academy alumni are artists, molecular biologists, entrepreneurs, farmers, engineers, and machinists. They are travelers, teachers, chefs, mathematicians, boat builders, and state senators.

Connections are at the heart of the Academy and a source of strength, support, and interaction to ensure that programs continue to serve our students.

Click below to see the many ways you can stay connected with LA.

Alumni Council

All alumni – anyone who attended LA for at least one year – are automatically members of the Alumni Association. The Alumni Council is elected by the alumni at the annual Alumni Banquet. The Council keeps alumni spirit and connections alive by organizing three annual events for alumni, guiding the Lincoln Academy Sports Hall of Fame and sponsoring the annual Alumna/us of the Year and Alumni Service Awards.

Current Members

Phil Page ’70, President

Bob Plourde, ’89, Vice President

Angie Waltz ’94, Treasurer

Brynne Whitney ’04, Secretary

Lynne Plourde ’92

Kyle Lebeau  ‘90

Yvette Sullivan ’85

Chrissy Wajer ’85

Britt Hatch ’84

If you are interested in serving on the Alumni Council, contact Phil Page at 563-3596 x123 or at

Class Agents are the touchstone and connector from LA’s Development office to the rest of their class.

As a Class Agent, you’ll help share information about upcoming events and spirited fundraising campaigns through word-of-mouth and social media. Lincoln Academy relies on you to be ready to take the baton when we’ve got news to share.

Encourage your classmates to invest in Lincoln Academy so that today’s students can receive the same quality experience you did! Giving can mean volunteerism and promoting the school in a myriad of ways as well as donations.

Think about your life’s career path and now imagine all the advice you would give your younger self if you could. AND now… think about sharing all that advice with our students!

  • Do you own a business?
  • Did you start college studying something totally unrelated to your current career?
  • Are you an artist or tradesperson willing to share the secrets of your craft?

Tell current students and parents about your path after LA and help the next generation of Eagles take flight! The Guidance Department and Development Office are partnered in this series of conversations with Alumni from all professional backgrounds.

Help Wanted!

Local businesses always want to hire motivated LA students & recent grads!

If you would like to list a job contact Communications Director Jenny Mayher at To see current listings, click here.

Whether it’s your class reunion, or an opportunity to connect with generations of Eagles, we can help you plan a memorable event.


Heather D’Ippolito : Director of Community Engagement and Development
Heather D’Ippolito (207) 563-3596 x2218

After graduating from college in Vermont, Heather spent a decade teaching English in NYC public schools in the Bronx and Brooklyn. She always knew she wanted to return to Maine and luckily, her husband "from away" also appreciates how fortunate they are to call this place home. She joined the LA team in the winter of 2020 after working at Baxter Academy for Technology and Science as a Humanities teacher and Partnerships and Outreach Coordinator. Heather lives in Bremen with her husband, daughter, and very foolish, very lovable pup.

Academic Affiliations: 

Saint Michael's College, BA in English

Lehman College (CUNY), MS in Secondary English Education

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