Books & Brunch

Books & Brunch is a book group that meets several times during the school year to discuss books over lunch. Books & Brunch is designed to promote literacy by drawing together students, faculty and staff members, administrators, and community members to talk about books in a casual and supportive environment. What makes Books & Brunch unique is that each participant is given his or her own copy of the featured book, free of charge, to read and then keep for building a personal collection or to pass on to a friend or family member to continue the sharing of great books and to promote the growth of literacy in our school and community. The featured books are selected to represent a variety of genres and authors and to entice readers to expand their literary experiences.

Books & Brunch is in flux in 2020 – be on the lookout for it to be re-branded in 2021 as Lit & Lunch! In the meantime, the LA Library Team will be reading and discussing books together throughout the year. Everyone is welcome!


Books & Brunch

Sponsored by the LA Library



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