Focused Learning Block at Lincoln Academy

The Focused Learning Block (FLB) was established as part of the new block schedule starting in the fall of 2021 to engage students in a variety of different types of learning activities. Held three times a week (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday) for 40 minutes in the afternoon, students will participate in a different activity each day. Most LA Clubs and Activities now take place within the Focused Learning Block.

Mission Statement:

Guided by the mission of Lincoln Academy to challenge all students, our Focused Learning Block allows time to support our broad range of student needs. Through academic support, independent projects, service opportunities, and clubs, students will explore their personal passions and interests and work toward future goals.


At the start of each trimester, students will select their preferred activities for FLB. Faculty will do their best to give students their first/second/third choices. Generally, students will participate in the same activities for the trimester. If a student needs extra support in an academic area, they will be scheduled with a teacher in that content area until sufficient academic progress is made. 

There will be a two-week Add/Drop period at the start of each trimester for students to make changes to their activity schedule. These changes will be made through a student’s advisor based on the capacity of the new activity (i.e. is there space available?) and emphasis on maintaining a broad range of activities. 

Student Expectations

  • Academics always come first
  • Participate fully in activities
  • Communicate with teachers
  • Report to a teacher when requested
  • Check Enriching Students to know about and report to any required meetings

Faculty Expectations

  • Communicate with students who need help in your academic area
  • Seek out ways to support students
  • Design programming that is engaging and challenges students to grow
  • Collaborate as a department to ensure appropriate distribution of FLB activities
  • Take attendance in Enriching Students during each FLB activity


  • The most current information on Focused Learning Block will be posted in Enriching Students
  • Students may be required to attend academic support in a subject until they are making sufficient academic progress. Teachers will let students know when and where to get support.


  • Teachers will keep a record of each student that attends tutoring, meetings, or other activities during FLB in the Enriching Students platform

Non-FLB Days

  • Wednesday is an early release day
  • Friday is Community Meeting in the gym
  • Other school or class assemblies as scheduled

Clubs and Extracurricular Activities at Lincoln Academy include the activities below and many more!

Clubs and Extracurricular Activities at Lincoln Academy include: