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Lincoln Academy’s Student Newspaper

The Eagle’s Talon is Lincoln Academy’s student newspaper. Active in the late 1990s and early 2000s, the Talon went dark for almost two decades before being reestablished in the 2021-22 school year, with the first new edition published in November 2021.

The newspaper staff meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays during Focused Learning Block. Students of all grades are invited to join the Talon staff. Any student or staff member at Lincoln Academy is invited to submit news tips and letters to the editor by emailing talon@lincolnacademy.org. Anonymous tips, quotes, or questions for the “What’s Up Lincoln?” advice column can be submitted using the Talon box at the front desk. The Talon does not publish anonymous Letters to the Editor.

You can read previous copies of the Eagle’s Talon at the links below:

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Jenny Mayher

Director of Communications
Talon Advisor

Jack DeAngelis

English Teacher
Talon Advisor

Maia Zewert

Deputy Editor, The Lincoln County News
Talon Advisor

Winter 2022 Talon Staff:

Hannah Abello ‘25, Alia Anderson ‘25, Flora Angyal ‘24, Mya Bessey ‘24, Noa Burchesky ‘25, Dylan Burmeister ‘25, Dominic Civittolo ‘22, Alton Coolidge ‘22, Hunter Gilmore ‘23, Anina Halter ‘23, Bella Hanna ‘22, Mira Hartmann ‘25, Zoe Herald ‘25, Forest Holbrook ‘22, Skyler Houghton ‘22, Audrey Hufnagel ‘24, Aiden Jacobs ‘23, Kate Mason ‘23, Lila Neptune-Benner ‘25, Olivia Nixon ‘23 , Zoe Nolan ‘23, Nathalie Paulino ‘23, Izzy Petersen ‘23, Iris Pope ‘23, Abby Reed ‘23, Cecil Rittall ‘25, Katie Sanborn ‘22, Jake Shaw ‘22, Lilly Taylor ‘23, Ada Tholen ‘23, Isaac Thompson ‘23, Thomas White ‘23

Fall 2021 Talon Staff:

Hannah Abello ‘25, Ashly Campbell ‘23, Dominic Civittolo ‘22, Kaley Edgar ‘25, Hunter Gilmore ‘23, Maia Hall ‘24, Bella Hanna ‘22, Zoe Herald ‘25, Bella Herring ‘23, Forest Holbrook ‘22, Skyler Houghton ‘22, Audrey Hufnagel ‘24, Paula Insula-Clavel ‘24, Aiden Jacobs ‘23, Kiara Luce ‘25, Lila Neptune-Benner ‘25, Olivia Nixon ‘23 , Lucy Nolan ‘25, Zoe Nolan ‘23, Nathalie Paulina ‘23, Izzy Petersen ‘23, Katie Sanborne ‘22, Brendan Stone ‘22, Ada Tholen ‘23, Thomas White ‘25