2020-21 Lincoln Academy Morning Bus Stops

*Updated March, 2021


  • NC Hunt 6:20
  • Whitefield School – 6:40
  • Peaslee’s Quick Stop – 6:50
  • Jefferson Village – 7:05
  • NEW! Damariscotta Lake Farm 7:10
  • Arrive at LA 7:30 – 7:35

Note: Please check with your bus driver about where actual stops are made in the morning.

South Bristol: Lincoln Academy Route # 71
Driver: Paige Trayers 

  • 7:10 Eugley Landing South Bristol
  • 7:11 29 Thompson Inn Rd, 2067 Route 129
  • 7:15 Kings Cove Road, 1756 Rt 129, 1178 Rt 129, 951 Rt 129
  • 7:25 Ridge Road intersection with 129, Sproul Road intersection with 129
  • 7:27 Gourdy Pasture Road
  • 7:28 Walpole Cemetery
  • 7:30 Clarks Cove Road intersection with 129
  • 7:32 Split Rock Road intersection with 129, Brickyard Farm Road, Sunset Ridge Road
  • 7:35 357 Route 129
  • 7:40 Juniper Road, Damariscotta
  • 7:41 School Street
  • 7:43 Piper Mill Road intersection with School Street
  • 7:44 Hilltop Stop
  • 7:45 Skidompha Library
  • 7:50 Arrive Lincoln Academy

Bristol/Damariscotta: Lincoln Academy Route # 72
Driver: Douglas Mills 

  • 6:45 Leave park out location and proceed down Rt 130 to the Bristol Post Office
  • 7:00 Pick up at Bristol Post Office. Continue down Route 130 past Bristol Consolidated School (If anyone is there pick up)
  • 7:10 Turn left onto Southside Rd then right on Leeman Rd and right on Rodgers Rd. Turn around at either boatyard or at the end of the road. Proceed back to Reilly’s Market and turn right and then left on to Snowball Rd. Follow onto Huddle Rd
  • 7:20 At Dee’s Market turn left onto Route 130 and continue north past Bristol Consolidated School.
  • 7:25 Left onto Harrington Rd and continue to Fir Hollow and turn right- proceed to end
  • 7:25 Left onto Route 130 and continue northbound picking up as you go- stop at Bristol Town Hall
  • 7:35 Stop at Bristol FireHouse for late students then continue north on Route 130 to Damariscotta continue pick ups to Main street
  • 7:40 Left onto Main Street up Academy Hill to Lincoln Academy
  • 7:50 Arrive at Lincoln Academy

Nobleboro: Lincoln Academy Route # 73
Driver: Donald Barter

  • Leave park out location and proceed on East Pond Rd – picking up on East Pond Rd
  • Continue on East Pond Rd all the way to the Upper East Pond Rd- turn left
  • 6:53 Upper East Pond Rd and continue to pick up along the way to East Pond Road
  • 6:55 turn left Continue on East Pond Rd 
  • 7:12 Continue down East Pond Rd to Route 1- turn Right
  • 7:15 Proceed on Route 1 turn left on Winslow Hill Rd and continue to Duck Puddle Rd – turn left and continue to Duck Puddle Campground for turn around
  • 7:20 Proceed back to Winslow Hill Rd- and proceed Left onto Route 1 to school street
  • 7:22 proceed right onto Center Street to East Neck Road, turn right, proceed to Palmer Hill road, Turnaround Proceed back to Center street.
  • 7:25 turn left onto Center street, turn right onto Morgan Hill road. Morgan Hill Road to Lower Cross road, turn right and continue to West Neck Road
  • 7:30 Turn right onto West Neck Road and turn around at Upper Cross road and proceed back to Lower Cross Road.
  • 7:43 Turn left onto Morgan Hill road and proceed to Route 1
  • 7:48 Continue Route 1 to Academy Hill Rd
  • 7:50 Arrive at Lincoln Academy

Bremen, Round Pond, Damariscotta: Lincoln Academy: Route # 74
Driver: Robin Lailer

  • 6:35 Leave park out location
  • 6:37 turn around at Town Landing Rd
  • 6:38 p/u at 178 Medomak Rd
  • 6:40  right onto Rt 32
  • 6:43 take left onto Nobleboro Road
  • 6:48 turn around at 450 Nobleboro Rd (110 Pond Rd)
  • 6:53 turn left onto Rt 32
  • 6:54 group pick up at Rt 32 and Turner Rd
  • 7:07 Continue Rt 32 to Round Pond PO and turn around
  • 7:15 turn left onto Biscay Road
  • 7:18 Fogler Road/ Biscay Road intersection
  • 7:19 Turn left onto Lessner Road
  • 7:24 Turn around at 540 Benner Road, proceed back to Biscay Road
  • 7:29 turn left onto Biscay Rd
  • 7:30 then right onto Egypt Rd
  • 7:33 p/u at Lakehurst
  • 7:35 left onto Back Meadow Rd
  • 7:37 left onto Standpipe Rd
  • 7:40 right onto Biscay Rd
  • 7:43 Left at McDonald’s light
  • 7:49 Arrive at Lincoln Academy
  • Routes run in reverse in the afternoon

Newcastle: Lincoln Academy Route #75
Driver: Angela Achorn

  • 6:28 Leave Park out location
  • 6:40 Jones Woods Rd (Rt 215) pick up as you go and continue to Ridge Rd
  • 6:45 Right onto Ridge Rd – pick up students on RIGHT side of road only – proceed to turn around @ Deer Farm Rd
  • 6:47 Left out of turn around – back to Jones Woods Rd- pick up students on RIGHT side of road only
  • 6:51 Right onto Jones Woods Rd to N Dyer Neck – Turn around
  • 6:53 Right onto Jones Woods Rd to N Newcastle Rd
  • 6:55 Right onto N Newcastle Rd to – 4 corners – Sheepscot Rd
  • 7:00 Continue on Sheepscot Rd to Route One
  • 7:08 Right onto Route One to Station Road
  • 7:13 Right onto Station Road turn around / pick up
  • 7:15 Cross Rte One to Dodge Rd continue on to Lynch Rd
  • 7:21 Right onto Rte One – proceed to Sneed Spur
  • 7:24 Right onto Sneed Spur – Right onto River Road continue to turn around at Perkins Point Rd
  • 7:29 Right onto River Road – continue to Newcastle Fire Station
  • 7:34 NewCastle Fire station to Rte One – Left onto Academy Hill
  • 7:40 Arrive at Lincoln Academy
  • This Route does NOT run in reverse in afternoon

Additional Transportation Details:

Providing safe transportation to families has been one of our highest priorities this year. We know that during times of transition between home and school it is easy to let safety guidelines slip, and we appreciate parent and student support in making arrival and dismissal times as safe as possible. Please note that everyone must enter the main building through the Fishbowl (glassed entrance on the left side of the Courtyard) or gym. All other entrances to the Main Building will be locked. 

Driving, drop off, and parking

  • To reduce movement and congestion on campus, students will be asked to arrive on campus within the same time as bus arrivals. 
  • All students arriving by car are expected to use the student parking lot.  
  • Drop off will NOT be allowed on Academy Hill Road, the Poe loop, the bus loop, or KB/ATEC parking lots 
  • Students who drive themselves should park in the student lot.
  • Students are expected to put on their mask before getting out of their vehicle and stay distanced at all times while on campus.

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