The LA administration, and Health Center and facilities staff have spent the summer making campus safer for students and teachers. Their efforts include the following measures.

  • All indoor spaces have been measured to determine capacity limits. Use of indoor campus spaces will be planned, restricted to occupancy guidelines that protect social distancing, and coordinated with facilities staff to ensure prompt and thorough cleaning after use. 
  • Increased hand sanitizing stations are being added throughout campus. 
  • Access to dorms and individual rooms will be restricted to students who live in those spaces.
  • Fresh air flow will be enhanced in every occupied space. Bus windows will be open as much as possible.
  • There may be designated outdoor areas where students can spread out, maintain 6 foot distancing, and remove their face coverings, but these will be determined cautiously and on a case by case basis. 
  • Custodians will clean high touch surfaces throughout the school day, and other staff will support this effort within classrooms.
  • Unnecessary furniture and rugs are being removed from classrooms
  • Should a student or employee become ill at school, disinfection of the most likely contaminated areas will take place immediately.  

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