All courses will be taught through our Learning Management System (LMS): Canvas. Lincoln Academy used this system prior to the pandemic and teachers have adapted courses to online learning through this tool. GoogleDocs are compatible with Canvas, as are many other technologies. Canvas allows students to access assignments and class activities, communicate with teachers and peers, see feedback and grades on all assignments and maintain an interactive calendar to plan their work.

  • All students are expected to have a digital device (tablet, chromebook, laptop. A smartphone is NOT a sufficient device for virtual learning). If families are having difficulty meeting this expectation, please contact Stephanie Cheney ( 
  • If you do not have internet at home the school can provide you with a hotspot. Please contact librarian Laura Phelps ( to find out how to pick one up.
  • Student orientation will include a “Technology Boot Camp” that will teach students how to use  Canvas and other tools commonly used as part of virtual learning. Videos teaching Canvas skills to students and parents will be available on the Lincoln Academy website . 
  • All parents are encouraged to create an Observer account in Canvas. This will allow parents insight into their students’ educational experience and help facilitate conversations around academic progress. Video instructions to create an Observer account can be found at this link.

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Stephanie Cheney

Academic Technology Coordinator
Questions about Canvas, email, and devices

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Director of Information Technology
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