Hybrid Learning will take place in three formats: in-person lessons, synchronous (live) virtual lessons, and asynchronous (independent) academic activities. Teachers will post the work for each week on Canvas with clear explanations about the format for the work and the learning expectations. All work will be available virtually. If health and safety conditions force us to shift to a fully virtual model, in-person classes will be replaced with synchronous virtual instruction.  

  • In-Person Learning Expectations: When students attend in-person classes at Lincoln Academy, they will adhere to all health and safety protocols outlined in this document. Classroom activities will focus on tasks best suited for the in-person environment. Students who are attending school remotely will have asynchronous work as appropriate during in-person days.
  • Synchronous Learning Expectations: Students are expected to attend all synchronous (live) learning activities in their course. Attendance will be taken and weighed in the student’s participation grade in the course. If a student has a conflict that prevents them from attending a synchronous session, the student will reach out to the teacher through email or Canvas messages to make up the missed work. Students currently attending from a different time zone are not required to attend the synchronous sessions, but will be asked to make up the work through alternative assignments. While attending synchronous online meetings, students will follow all codes of conduct for Lincoln Academy, including our acceptable use of technology guidelines.
  • Asynchronous Learning Expectations: Students will have asynchronous (independent) assignments each week. These assignments will be scheduled and will correlate with the in-person and synchronous work in the class. Students are expected to complete this work to the best of their ability, to ask questions when necessary, and to inform their teacher of problems they encounter.

Participation & Attendance

Students are expected to engage in school work during regular school hours on any given day, whether that day is an in-person or virtual learning day. Students should not make other regular commitments during the school day, including paid work between the hours of 8 and 2:30. Teachers will take attendance during both in-person classes and virtual synchronous sessions. Attendance will be factored into a student’s participation grade in each class.

Assessment and grading

Students will be assessed using the standard 100 point scale. Assessments have been modified to suit a virtual/hybrid environment and will involve more formative assessment and project-based assignments. Assignments that are turned in late will have points deducted from the assessed grade. All final grades (trimester and year-end) will be averaged into GPA and class rank.

Hands-on and Interactive Courses

With social distancing measures as well as increased sanitization, we plan to run nearly all of our regularly scheduled courses. 

  • Some heavily interactive classes like Cooperative Team Games will not run in the first trimester in order to provide more time to ensure that we have appropriate protective measures in place. LA will offer Wellness and individualized conditioning programs in its place.  
  • Performing and Visual Arts, Wellness and DET departments have reviewed their procedures regarding materials, physical contact, and ventilation to develop plans for safely continuing instruction. Some classes may be moved to alternate spaces to ensure needed distance and ventilation.
  • The sharing of equipment will be minimized and, to the extent possible, students will have individualized materials. Protocols for cleaning and sanitization have been developed for items that must be shared in classrooms, art studios, and ATEC. 

Bath Regional Career & Technical Center

The Bath Regional Career and Technical Center (BRCTC) anticipates that students will attend in-person vocational classes two days a week (Mon/Thurs or Tues/Fri) and participate in online learning on the other days. Lincoln Academy’s hybrid learning schedule will allow students to participate in both programs.

Special Programs at Lincoln Academy

The Life Skills, Alternative Education (Teague) and IDEAL programs will follow a schedule independent from the rest of Lincoln Academy, with the ability to meet on campus more frequently. Students enrolled in these programs should contact the program director for the daily schedule.  

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