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Lincoln Academy Students Practice Diplomacy at Dartmouth Model United Nations Conference

Lincoln Academy students at the Spring 2018 Dartmouth model United Nation Conference. From left: Grace Canny, Riley Stevenson, Finn Dworkin, Jemma Tang, Chloe Tian, Tahlia Mullen, Noah Jordan, Nick Maioulis, and Sam Ransley.

Lincoln Academy’s Model United Nations (M.U.N.) team attended a three-day conference at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire in early April.

More than 500 high school students from all over the world had the opportunity to debate, negotiate and collaborate with other peers on political, economic and cultural global issues. The delegates put their diplomatic skills to a test during dynamic debates. Committees and topics debated this year included: “European Union: Shifting Power in a Post-Brexit World”; “Terrorism After the Fall of the Islamic State”; “LGBT+ Purges in Chechnya”; “The Right to Privacy in the Digital Age”; “African Union Terrorist Insurgency”; “Financing Immunization Projects in Africa and South Asia,” and more topics relevant in today’s world.

“Model U.N. pushes you to challenge your ideas and opinions, fosters public speaking skills and deepens one’s understanding of the inherent complexities of the international political system,” said Andrea Keushguerian, a Lincoln Academy teacher who has advises the program. “But the main idea is to have fun!”

“MUN has been a great experience for me and many of the other students who came to Dartmouth,” said ninth grader Riley Stevenson, who participated in the Dartmouth conference. “Preparing for a conference is hard work, because we have to write a very carefully formatted position paper and do lots of research on our countries. During the conference, delegates really have to put themselves out there by publicly speaking and trying to create groups with other like-minded countries. It truly is a one-of-a-kind opportunity, and a lot of fun!” Read more

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