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Lincoln Academy Faculty Member Dr. Robert Breckenridge, Ph.D., Retires After 11 Years

Robert Breckenridge

Dr. Robert Breckenridge, right, with his advisee Essie Martin ’17 at the 2017 Lincoln Academy graduation.

By Nathan McIvor

Dr. Robert Breckenridge regards someone with kindness and thoughtfulness in equal measure. The retiring Lincoln Academy Social Studies teacher has retained his happy acceptance of other cultures, as well as his innate curiosity, throughout his life.

“The teacher is in the classroom to present the world to the child [and] help young people find civilization. They are the custodians of culture.” He enjoys “watching minds blossom.”

Dr. Breckenridge’s house sits directly across the street from Lincoln Academy, eliminating a commute. Convenient on his part, walking across the street for work for the past eleven years allows him to experience firsthand the changes brought about on campus since he began in 2006, watching it “change and grow.” He is ”really happy” that Lincoln Academy is trying to stay abreast of developments in technology and education: “our technology department is a huge asset in preparing students for the world,” praising the work done by the departing Maya Crosby. A proponent of the international program, he “boarded several of the first students” prior to the current dormitories’ construction. Finding the program helpful for all students involved, he is glad the school has furthered the program. A global traveler himself, he “is still up for” international experiences in his golden years. One could say his life has been composed of traveling from one place to another. Read more

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