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Residential Life Update – April 18, 2021

By |April 18, 2021|Categories: News, Resident Life Weekly|

It’s been a quiet week on campus as we transitioned into remote learning. Following the announcement of close-contact exposures, a number of our students and staff quarantined and awaited test results.  I am very happy to share that all of the tests of close [...]

Lincoln Academy 2020-21 Second Trimester Honor Roll

By |April 14, 2021|Categories: Academics, Activities and Community Service, Home Featured, News|

2020-21 Second Trimester Honor Roll 9th grade High Honor Roll: Baylie Kelly Anastasio, Bonnie Marie Bailey, Mya Ann Bessey, William Chapman Clark, Kayla Elizabeth Cruz, Kristopher Michael Edgar, Conor R. J. Glasier, Benjamin Otto-Larson Gordon, Mica Edward Houghton, Audrey Ruth Hufnagel, Natalie Faye [...]

Residential Life Update – April 11, 2021

By |April 11, 2021|Categories: News, Resident Life Weekly|

It’s been a difficult week here at Lincoln Academy as several confirmed cases of COVID-19 have impacted our campus community.  This is a clear indication that we need to step up our health and safety standards to ensure the best possible health outcomes for [...]

How to Teach Computer Science Principles with Lego Bricks

By |April 6, 2021|Categories: Academics, Activities and Community Service, News|

Computer Science students use lego structures and precise instructions to learn about the principles of algorithms in computer coding. Students in Lincoln Academy’s Exploring Computer Science class recently grappled with writing algorithms using Lego bricks. An algorithm is a set of well-defined instructions that [...]

LA French Students Explore Language and Culture through “Maine Musicale 2021”

By |April 6, 2021|Categories: Academics, Activities and Community Service, News|

Students in Mme. Welch's French 2 class have been voting for their favorite francophone songs through Manie Musicale 2021, an international "tournament" of French Language songs set up for high school students around the world. Lincoln Academy students enrolled in French classes have been [...]

Residential Life Update – April 4, 2021

By |April 4, 2021|Categories: News, Resident Life Weekly|

Leaf buds are out on the trees and families in our community have been celebrating the Spring holidays of Passover, Good Friday, and Easter.  The Residential Life students decorated Easter eggs over the weekend and enjoyed a walking tour and window shopping around Portland’s [...]

More Awards for LA Debate

By |March 31, 2021|Categories: Alumni, News, Staff Voices|Tags: |

The 2020-21 Debate Team. Pictured from left: freshman Eric Richmond, senior Scott Petersen, junior Grace Houghton, senior Riley Stevenson, Coach Kathleen Halm. Not pictured: sophomore Maggie Kastelein. At the final tournament of the year, the Maine District Qualifiers for the NSDA National tournament in [...]

Honors English 1: Homerian Shields

By |March 30, 2021|Categories: Academics, Activities and Community Service, News|Tags: |

Honors English 1 students presented their shields to their classes last week. The body armor worn by warriors in the Iliad was embellished with symbols and images that represented each hero and made each warrior more easily identifiable in battle. The designs were intricate [...]

Residential Life Update – March 28, 2021

By |March 28, 2021|Categories: News, Resident Life Weekly|

Mainers across the state have enjoyed a taste of warmer weather this past week.  With spring temperatures come opportunities for us to plan some exciting outdoor adventures including laser tag, mountain biking, a visit to Acadia National Park, and beach trips.  Have you received [...]

Residential Life Update – March 23, 2021

By |March 22, 2021|Categories: News, Resident Life Weekly|

We are one week into the final trimester and everyone seems to be enjoying the new schedule.  Students are able to spend more class time with their teachers and there are many opportunities for in-person study support when needed.   Lincoln Academy is very excited [...]

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