Every Friday morning during the school year, the entire Lincoln Academy community gathers together for a whole school assembly. While this is a chance for everyone to gather for announcements and presentations, it is also a chance for our community to celebrate the achievements and talents of our amazing student body. Community Meeting is a chance to learn about our history as a school, our 200+ history with the State of Maine, and our place in the history of the United States and the world. Finally, there’s lots of games and prizes in the quest to collect Class Faculty Shield Points to carry the honor of the winning class of the year.

With the advent of virtual learning, social distancing and hybrid schedules, we are all still celebrating Friday Community Meeting… online. That doesn’t mean we still can’t have fun, learn a little something about our world, keep up with announcements, performances, and the achievements of our amazing students. Friday Community Meeting has gone virtual and now takes place on YouTube, where we know some of you visit a little (or a lot) each day. To participate, think about joining us on YouTube using the button below, and follow Lincoln Academy.

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