Process for Switching Learning Modes:

From virtual to hybrid or hybrid to virtual.

If a family is considering a change in learning modes for a student, either going from virtual to hybrid or hybrid to virtual, a parent or guardian must contact the student’s guidance counselor. 

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As structure helps students to be successful in school, students are encouraged to participate in the hybrid mode. However, we understand that health and other family situations can make this difficult. If a family member is compromised and you have concerns about your child’s exposure while in school, we encourage you to reach out to our school nurse, Eric Duffy (, to discuss your concerns, prior to making a change for your child. 

Given that these changes require several logistical steps, please understand that implementation of these changes may take up to a week. Also, due to restrictions on seating capacity in rooms, schedule changes may be required for those students switching from virtual to hybrid. Your child’s guidance counselor will notify you of any needed schedule changes and the timeline for your child’s change in learning mode.

 Please note that we will be monitoring the academic progress of students who are fully virtual. If students are struggling to keep up with their work, we will be calling home and strongly encouraging a change to the hybrid mode.

Temporary Shifts in Learning Modes

Students may have reason to temporarily move to virtual due to health concerns. If you are concerned about the incidence of COVID in the community and/or Lincoln Academy, please contact Eric Duffy prior to any decision to pull your student from school. Temporary removal from school due to these types of situations will be considered an excused absence from in-person instruction rather than a change in learning modes. Students are expected to complete virtual coursework while at home.


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Director of Curriculum and Instruction
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