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Project Goal

The goal of this project is to provide the LA community with an opportunity to reflect upon the broad range of their experiences (academic, personal and social) during the third trimester.  In addition to self-reflection, the interview portion provides students both with a sense of closure for the year and with a sense of community within their advisory and the school as a whole. 

Project Video Instructions

Project Overview

Step 1: Brainstorm artifact ideas with your Advisor, examine the examples created by teachers and staff

Step 2: Create an artifact that reflects your learning during this last trimester. Your learning can be broadly defined and does not need to be connected to a Lincoln Academy course.

Step 3: Submit your artifact to your advisor

Step 4: Schedule an interview with your advisor to discuss your artifact.

Step 4: Student and Advisor record a reflective interview about the artifact and the process. Interview should last 5-15 minutes.

Additional information about this project.

* Note that seniors will complete a shorter version of this project that does not need to include an artifact.

** While the default plan is for the advisor to complete these steps, this process can be done with an Ed Tech or other Lincoln Academy adult with whom the student has a connection.

LA Faculty/Staff Artifacts


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