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Lincoln Academy’s Resident Life Office

Jake Abbott

Jake Abbott, Dean of Students and Director of Residential Life

Welcome to the final week of the 2019-2020 school year.  What a year it has been!  I would like to personally thank each and every one of you for your flexibility and patience through what has been a challenging sequence of events.  While things have been difficult, this has also been an opportunity for all of us to recognize our hidden talents, find our inner strength, and explore our commitment to learning through alternative methods.  It has been a unique experience to say the least.  

It brought me great pride to celebrate the Class of 2020 on Friday.  While our residential students could not be with us on campus, the solution of having an adult representative stand in for each of our graduates worked well.  It was also very lovely to have phone contact with each graduate throughout the celebration.  Celebrations like this are an example of how our community works together to find solutions to honor our commitment to each other, even through difficult times.

I would like to say thank you to each of you that participated in the return to campus and residential life restart conversation last week.  It was important to be able to talk to you all and answer questions about the process of returning to Maine and living on campus as a community, together again.  As was shared, the process of returning to school will need to be scheduled and coordinated.  We will be allowing small groups to return on specific dates.  When students arrive they will be quarantined for two weeks, live in a single room, and use a shared bathroom with enhanced cleaning procedures.  It is important that this be well coordinated, so please do not purchase travel tickets until the date has been confirmed by me.  Students will be prioritized based on needs and travel restrictions.  Prior to travel students are expected to self monitor health and will be in communication with Nurse Duffy.  Available arrival dates are as follows: 

  • Arrival Phase One:  Scheduled arrival between July 10 and July 17.  6-8 students only.
  • Arrival Phase Two:  scheduled arrival on August 2 only.  3-4 students only.
  • Arrival Phase Three:  scheduled arrival on August 7 only.  3-4 students only.
  • Arrival Phase Four:  scheduled arrival on August 18 only.  3-4 students only.
  • Arrival Phase Five:  scheduled arrival on August 23 only.  3-4 students only.

Additional arrival dates will be added in September and October as they are needed and published at a later time.  Again, please email Jake Abbott with your requested date so that the process of scheduling arrivals may begin.

Finally, an update on our housing options for next year.  We have made decisions to bring all of our programs onto campus for next school year.  Moving Alternative Education and the IDEAL Program from off campus has meant we will no longer house students in Hall House.  With this change comes two of our dorm parents taking leave from on-campus living.  Ms. Shelly Richardson and Mr. Darin Flanagan will be leaving the residential life program.  Rest assured, they will continue as teachers with us at Lincoln Academy and be with us on campus and in the classroom as they always have been.  Please join me in thanking them for their combined eight years of service to the residential life program.  Thank you Mr. Flanagan and Ms. Richardson!!  With this change, all students can expect to be living in KB Hall next school year.  The team of dorm parents for the 2020 – 2021 academic year includes Ms. Matta, Mr. Janik, Ms. Curtis, Ms. Anastasio, and Ms. Tan.  The Abbott family will continue to live in KB Hall as well.

I look forward to hearing from each of you with your dates of interest as you plan your return to Maine.  As always please do not hesitate to send any questions my way.

Thank you, 

Jake Abbott, Dean of Students and Director of Residential Life

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Contact the Resident Life Office:

Jacob Abbott : Dean of Students, Director of Residential Life—Dorm Parent
Jacob Abbott

Jake Abbott has been a part of the LA community since 2006. Jake has worked in a variety of roles at the school. Currently, as the Dean of Students and Director of Residential Life he is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the schools residential population and the various departments that support it. Jake also supports the operations of the school, shares in the management of student discipline, and supports many student programs, extra-curricular activities and initiatives to get students involved in learning and exploring new opportunities. Jake is also very involved in the local community serving as a member of the Newcastle Fire Department, where is also on the Board of Trustees. Jake is also on the Board of Directors at Central Lincoln County YMCA.


Academic Affiliations:

B.A. Liberal Studies, University of Maine, Augusta
M.S. Education Leadership, University of Southern Maine

Wechat: eekabbott
Cell/Whatsapp: +1 207-831-6879

(207) 563-3596 ext. 231
Sarah Kennedy : Vacation Programs Coordinator, Outreach and Administrative Assistant
Sarah Kennedy

Sarah Kennedy '00 grew up in Pemaquid and went on to study Spanish and International Relations at the University of Maine and University of Costa Rica.  She coordinated volunteer education programs and fundraising for a small non-profit organization in Nicaragua and then went on to join Sustainable Harvest International as the Director of Development and later transitioned to working as a program director specializing in outreach and service learning programs in Central America.  In 2012, Sarah took a position with AmeriCorps and Santa Clara University's Center of Sustainability to develop school garden and community nutrition programs in San Jose City Schools.

In 2013, Sarah’s family had the opportunity to return to Maine and was excited to become a part of Lincoln Academy’s new Residential Program. Sarah developed LA’s homestay program and loves welcoming students from around the globe to our community here in the Midcoast. Sarah works part-time as support staff in the Resident Life Office and is also a member of LA’s Website Team and Grant Team.  

Academic Affiliations:

B.A. International Relations - University of Maine, Orono
B.A. Spanish - University of Maine, Orono

(207) 563-3596 ext. 223
Borland Hall


Lincoln Academy will begin fall orientation on August 31 and regular classes on September 14.

To see the complete schedule and the 2020 reopening plan, click here.

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