We did it! The 7th annual Alumni Community Challenge raised nearly $60,000 for LA. Your participation was a critical component to the success of this fundraiser. Thank you for making it fun!

This year’s ACC (March 1-5) marks nearly a year since the first cases of covid were reported in Maine and we all wondered how the pandemic would disrupt our personal and professional goals. LA’s stellar team of admin, faculty and staff creatively doubled down on their dedication to students as they opened their doors and safely welcomed kids back to campus. 

LA has  650 students, faculty, and staff. With 207 Annual Fund contributors to date this year, if we reach 443 more donors, every person at LA will be supported by a donor who believes in them! Your participation is needed more than ever this year. 

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Alumni Social and Trivia Hour!


Alumni! Join us for an online Social and Trivia Hour on March 3rd, from 6-7pm.

What was Academy Hill called before it was known as Academy Hill?

The “Midnight Marauders” placed what on the top of the 1961 wing as a graduation prank?

Test your Eagle knowledge and catch up with old friends!

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Thank you, community partners!

Your support for LA now helps us support your future.

To join the challenge and add your business to the list of LA supporters, please write to Laurie Hurd at hurd@lincolnacademy.org



All funds raised through the Alumni Community Challenge go directly back into LA by supporting the people and programs that provide our students opportunities for success.