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The Annual Campaign, aka The Lincoln Fund

Each year, LA depends on alumni, friends, businesses and granting agencies to make the difference between the average programs funded by the tuition formula and the wide range of courses and programs serve the diverse needs of our students.

Thank you to all who contribute faithfully to the annual campaign or to special projects or campaigns during each year!

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Some Frequently Asked Questions about Philanthropy and LA:

Q: Why does Lincoln Academy need to raise money every year? Don’t the sending towns pay the school tuition for their students?
A: While the sending towns do pay tuition for each student, that amount is calculated each year by the state. The tuition allowance is simply not enough to provide the quality educational experience that we strive to provide each student.  LA depends on support from the Lincoln Fund (aka Annual Fund)  to bridge that gap. And, while we do get support by way of per student tuition dollars, we do NOT qualify for funding for capital improvements.


Q: As an independent school, isn’t Lincoln flush with money?
A: Lincoln is fortunate to have a modest endowment ($6M) and to have received some significant financial support from donors over the years, but it has programmatic and facility needs in the multiple millions of dollars.  As an independent school Lincoln must rely on its constituents to help the school with its financial needs.

Q: What exactly is the Lincoln Fund?

A:  Money raised for the Lincoln Fund does directly into the operating budget. It supports students and faculty, and is vital to the life of the school. It provides the funds necessary for the daily operation of the school, including hiring excellent teachers, supporting a wide range of courses and extra-curricular activities, paying for classroom materials, trips, technology updates, and more.

Q: Who decides how Lincoln Fund gifts are spent each year?

A: The Board of Trustees, informed by the Finance Committee, determines the school’s priorities and sets the Lincoln Fund goal through the budgeting process.

Q: How is a Capital Campaign different from the Lincoln Fund?

A: The Lincoln Fund represents unrestricted support for operations, to pay for budget items that are not covered by tuition revenue. It is important to raise money for the Annual Fund every year, because the operating budget counts on these donations to cover the costs of teacher salaries and benefits, professional development, and materials and supplies to implement our program.

The Lincoln Fund remains our fundraising priority, as it ensures the ongoing operations of the school. However, we recognize that the opportunity to create the lasting legacy of a new field or a new theatre is rare and exciting, and encourage any donor who wants to be part of this special project to make a gift.

Q: Why am I asked to give to the Campaign on top of the Lincoln Fund?

A:  While the Lincoln Fund addresses operating expenses, A Campaign is a rare opportunity to invest in the future of the school by building our infrastructure.

Q: Who is asked to donate?

A: We will be inviting participation from everyone in the Lincoln Academy community, and hope that all constituents will choose to make a gift. Parents, trustees, faculty, alumni, and grandparents are all asked to show support for the school with a financial contribution.

Q: How much should I give?

A: Giving is a personal decision. Some donors consider their gift an additional investment in their child’s education. For others, giving expresses their gratitude for the role LA has played in their own lives. Gifts to the Lincoln Fund range in size from $10 to as much as  $10,000. Our only request is that your gift be commensurate with your capacity to give. For those who are able, we encourage joining the Leadership Society with a gift of $1,801 or more.

Q: Will even a small gift make a difference?

A: Absolutely. Every gift is appreciated, and every gift counts. A high level of participation demonstrates that the school is vital to the entire LA community. Meaningful gifts come in all sizes, depending on the ability of the donor to give. A modest but well-considered gift can inspire other donors to make a gift of their own, magnifying the impact for the school.  We have room to grow in this area. Currently LA’s participation rate for alumni and parents is less than 5%.

Q: Can I restrict my Lincoln Fund gift to a specific project?

A: The beauty of the Annual Fund is that it is unrestricted in purpose. This gives the school the flexibility to direct the money where it’s needed most. We gratefully accept additional restricted gifts, but cannot consider them part of the Annual Fund.


Q: Yes, I want to contribute! What are the ways I can pledge or make a send a donation?

A: You can make a one-time gift, pledge now for later payment, or make smaller payments over time. You may pay by cash, check, credit card, or appreciated stock.

Annual Fund pledges, because they are for the current school year, must be fulfilled by the end of the current fiscal year (June 30). However, Campaign pledges may be paid over three years, giving you flexibility to increase the amount of your donation by spreading it over time, or maximizing your tax advantages to coordinate with the rest of your financial circumstances.

Q: How will I be recognized for my gift?

A: Your name will be listed alphabetically within Annual Fund giving level in the Annual Report.

We will acknowledge your donation with a thank you letter, which also serves as a receipt for tax purposes. Annual Fund donors at the leadership level ($1,000+) will be thanked at an annual reception. Most importantly, you will have the gratitude of the entire Lincoln community!

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