The Annual Campaign

Each year Lincoln Academy depends on alumni, friends, businesses, and foundations to enable the exceptional range of courses and programs that serve the diverse needs of our students. We are grateful for everyone who contributes each year to the Annual Fund, as well as to special projects or campaigns throughout the year.

The Aerie Society

Donors who give monthly recurring gifts are among our most valued and are often able to give at a significantly higher rate than they would if they gave a single gift amount when their giving is spread out over the year. For example, one gift of $100 may feel like a burden, but $10 a month gift can be painless, and the end result is a gift of $120; a $25 a month will result in a $300 annual gift. The Academy benefits by having a steady and reliable income stream during times of the year when giving is traditionally less significant. Joining the Aerie Society is a painless way for donors to make a signifiant impact. Society members are listed at the level that reflects their total annual giving and are indicated by an asterisk in the Academy’s annual giving report featured in Aerie, the school’s official alumni magazine.
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Some Frequently Asked Questions about Philanthropy and LA:

Why does Lincoln Academy need to raise money every year? Don’t the sending towns pay the school tuition for their students?

While the sending towns do pay tuition for each student, that amount is calculated each year by the State of Maine. The tuition allowance is simply not enough to provide the quality educational experience that we are committed to providing each student.  Lincoln Academy depends on support from the Annual Fund to bridge that gap.

What exactly is the Annual Fund?

Money raised through the Annual Fund goes directly into the Academy’s operating budget. It supports students and faculty, and is vital to the life of the school. It provides the funds necessary for daily operations, supporting a wide range of courses, extra-curricular activities, classroom materials, trips, technology updates, and more.

Who is asked to donate?

We encourage participation from everyone in the Lincoln Academy community, and hope that all constituents will choose to make a gift. Parents, trustees, faculty, alumni, grandparents, and community members are encouraged to participate.

How much should I give?

Giving is a personal decision. Some donors consider their gift an additional investment in their child’s education. For others, giving expresses their gratitude for the role Lincoln Academy has played in their own lives. Some give due to their deep belief in Lincoln Academy as a community anchor. Gifts to the Annual Fund start at $1, with many giving $100 and some giving at significantly higher rates. You can also join the Aerie Society, a group of our donors who give monthly recurring gifts that provide a steady income stream for the Academy, and allow for greater cumulative gifts over the course of a year. For those who are able, we encourage joining the Leadership Society with a gift of $1,801 or more.

Will even a small gift make a difference?

Absolutely. Every gift is appreciated and every gift counts. Meaningful gifts come in all sizes, depending on the ability of the donor to give. A modest but well-considered gift can inspire other donors to make a gift of their own, magnifying the impact for the school.

How can I contribute?

You can make a one-time gift, a gift in response to both our spring and fall appeals, or your can join our Aerie Society and make a monthly recurring gift.  You may pay by cash, check, credit card, or appreciated stock.

How will I be recognized for my gift?

Your name will be listed alphabetically within Annual Fund giving level in Aerie, Lincoln Academy’s alumni magazine. If you would like to remain anonymous please make a note with your contribution. We will acknowledge your donation with a thank you letter which also serves as a receipt for tax purposes.

Would You Like to Make a Gift?

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Make a Gift

By Mail

Mail your contribution to: Lincoln Academy Development Office, 89 Academy Hill, Newcastle, ME 04553

Please include:

  1. your name as you would like it to be reported in the list of gifts
  2. your mailing address address
  3. your contact number
  4. if alumnus/a, your class year
  5. a note if you would like your gift to be unrestricted or designated for a specific program

Questions or Comments?

E-mail the Development office or call 207-563-3596 ext. 218 for information and inquiries.