Capital Campaign

Future Phases Include:

Library/Learning Center/ Campus Center

Currently housed on the second floor of a building built in 1897, L.A.’s library is inadequate for a 600-pupil high school in the 21st century. There is an acute need for a new facility to house the modern technology that is integral to a modern library and to provide instructional space for classes, small groups and individuals. With the move to 1:1 computing in 2010, the entire school is on-line at all times, and teachers have incorporated technology into their daily lessons.

Once the learning/technology center needs are defined, conceptual design drawings will be commissioned to determine a cost.

Athletic fields

New and refurbished playing and practice fields for soccer, field hockey, baseball, softball, lacrosse, track, and cross-country are needed to bring our athletic facilities up to the level of our competition. Preliminary plans show a sports complex including: new softball and baseball fields, a six-lane track enclosing a soccer/lacrosse field, and a reconstructed field hockey field adjacent to the new tennis courts west of Academy Hill. The existing fields behind the main campus on the East side of Academy Hill would be refurbished as practice and physical education fields.

These projects could be accomplished individually as funds become available; the preliminary estimate for all projects is $2,000,000. A number of small donations and memorial gifts have been contributed toward this goal.

Performing Arts Teaching and Performance Space

With the creation of the Parker B. Poe Theater as a starting point, the goal is to add new space that will include a lobby/entrance/dressing room/bathrooms, teaching and rehearsal space for vocal and instrumental music classes, including individual practice rooms, computer stations, and teacher offices. A new parking lot is needed once the softball field is relocated.

$25,000 has been contributed for teaching and rehearsal space for the vocal music program. This project could be completed in stages as funds become available.

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For more information on these projects, call or email Matt Goetting in the Development Office, 207-563-3599.

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