Class Agents

Lincoln Academy, like most town-academies, has, in the past, had a Class Agent program. We are  renewing our Class Agent program with vigor and we hope many of you will wish to be the leaders of your classes, just as you were during your days here as a student.

So what does a Class Agent do and what are the expectations? Well it is easy, if you love Lincoln and want to see our school continue to move forward. Our Class Agent program will include the following:

Keeping your class “together.” You will be provided with a class list, with the hopes that you will keep up, mostly by email & Facebook, with classmates’ contact info (addresses, phones, emails) and will help find “lost” classmates;

–Gather information and photos on classmates for our alumni magazine, the first issue of which will be published this spring

–Promote the alumni banquet, Reunions & organize class gatherings

–Be an ambassador and a champion for LA alumni, as well as current LA students;

–Provide feedback, ideas and concepts on topics relating to Lincoln Academy Alumni.


 – Encourage classmates to invest in LA so that today’s students can receive the same quality experience you did!  Giving can mean volunteerism and promoting the school in a myriad of ways as well as donations. A Class Agent will simply encourage this process. 

Being a Class Agent is meant to be, first and foremost, FUN. It is not meant to be burdensome or laborious. You can be a Class Agent for a few years or for a lifetime. If you were a Class Agent in the past, you may renew at this time.  Consider it, if you would. Please send your positive response only back to me in the enclosed return envelope or you can drop me an email at …. Let us know if you want to be a Class Agent, or send in a recommendation!

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