YOUR support Makes All the Difference

Private contributions and endowment income play a major role in enabling LA to offer programs that meet the needs of all students at all levels. LA’s tuition is set by the State of Maine in December of each year. The amount is based on average costs in the State and does not include any provision for capital construction or renovation projects. The additional ‘Insured Value’ charge (currently 5% of tuition) does not even cover the normal maintenance projects needed by a school with buildings built between 1827 and 2006.

Unrestricted contributions and income from the endowment add directly to the operations budget each year. Without these two sources of income, the education students receive at LA would be severely diminished.

The Board of Trustees and staff are sincerely grateful for this support that has meant so much to so many at LA.

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Get Involved

Annual Fund Volunteers

Building a network of Annual Fund volunteers is critical to LA development efforts. Already, the more than than fifty volunteers this year have had a tremendous impact on increasing giving and participation. As an Annual Fund volunteer, you can help by making contacts via phone, personal notes, or email to encourage financial support of LA.

Class Agents

An alumni-specific way to be involved is as a class agent.To those of you in reunion classes – that means all you 3’s and 8’s getting ready for your 2018 reunions – your year to celebrate is here! Our hope is that members of your classes (and from any and all classes!) will step forward to act as class agents. As a class agent, you can really help to get the ball rolling with class correspondences, news and updates, organizing reunions, and generating support for the Annual Fund. We are reaching out to alumni like never before, and we look forward to working closely with and maintaining a strong alumni base to keep alums involved with LA. Send us an email to become a representative of your class!