PowerSchool is a student information system (SIS) used by Lincoln Academy and AOS93 for attendance, registration (using InfoSnap), end of trimester and grades of record.

Lincoln Academy’s PowerSchool school code for mobile app is: BPZH

The mobile app is great way to check daily and class meeting attendance and end of trimester grades.

Also see Student Technology for other resources!


Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) provides an academic dashboard for students and allows parent observers to see assignments, and a detailed account of what’s happening in classes including a calendar showing all events, and a To Do list.

Click here to learn more about Canvas including:

  • Create an Observer Account
  • Set Notifications
  • How Canvas is used at LA

Technology Information for 2021-22:

Click on Stephanie Cheney’s YouTube Channel for tech videos for parents.

Lincoln Academy has a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program. Much of the academic work required by LA teachers is completed on laptops both in and outside of the classroom, and since 2016 the school has not provided one-to-one computers for students, but rather, asked families to purchase their own laptops that students can carry with them during school and use at home for homework.

We have found that a BYOD program can be more effective than a school provided one-to-one program, and is a more viable solution now that a brand-new Chromebook can be purchased for around $200. Students take significantly better care of hardware they own, and with a BYOD program, students can choose the device that works best for their learning style. Additionally, we have found that students engage differently with their own technology: they use it in more depth, and they invest time and energy into learning the possibilities of technology that they own. The BYOD program builds a culture of ownership and good stewardship at LA, as well as offers students the potential for a more in-depth relationship with the technology they use every day.

The school recommends Chromebooks for most students’ technology needs, because of the relatively high value of function and portability to price point. Most academic work at LA is done via online platforms like Google Drive and Canvas, and Chromebooks have all the necessary functionality to work with these platforms without the added expense, weight, and risk of loss of a large hard drive. There are several options for purchasing Chromebooks.

Other acceptable devices for Lincoln Academy academic work are:

  • PC laptops with at least Windows 10 and current wireless cards
  • Mac OS laptops with at least OS X and current wireless hardware

Students have access to computers in the library, and there are Chromebooks available to borrow through the library. These are meant to be a backup in case of unforeseen events, and not replace students’ own devices. If you have questions or concerns, or if providing a device is a significant hardship for your family, please contact the office over the summer. We will make every effort to support families’ purchase of student Chromebooks.

Technology Support

Feel free to email latech@lincolnacademy.org with any questions or concerns you may have regarding technology at Lincoln Academy.