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Lincoln Academy’s Resident Life Office

Lincoln Academy will be implementing online and virtual learning through Canvas for each course of study beginning March 23.  All international students currently enrolled at Lincoln Academy are registered as “active status” in SEVIS, whether they have left the United States or remain on US soil, and will be expected to participate in online virtual learning to maintain their visa status. All students should have computers or laptop devices and internet connection, regardless of location. Students will be expected to participate in a published weekday schedule through assignment submission, online assessments, and discussion feeds. There will be no “live” instruction and students will not be expected to check in at exact times, but instead check their email several times each weekday and keep up with assignments. Teachers will track student engagement through three weekly participation measures. Students who don’t meet the participation engagement benchmark will work with a guidance counselor, their parents, and the student services team to support, problem solve, and facilitate engagement. Please contact Mr Jacob Abbott ( if you are having trouble accessing a device or internet connection.

Lu-Shien Tan (DSO) and Hilary Petersen (PDSO) will be available remotely as visa questions arise. If your student is not returning home at this time,  please share your new physical address with Mr. Abbott.  Please do so right away, as the US Government will want to know where you are living and learning.

It will be very important to maintain good communication in the weeks ahead.  Please direct messages to staff in the following areas:

Academic Access and Support:

Jacob Abbott, Dean of Students and Director of Residential Life

Jose Cordero, Guidance Counselor 

Hilary Petersen, Associate Director of Admissions

Transition Off-Campus, Housing, Travel, and Emergency Situations:

Jacob Abbott, Dean of Students and Director of Residential Life

Jennifer Anastasio, Resident Life Coordinator

Sarah Kennedy, Outreach and Administrative Assistant

Visas and Enrollment:

Lu-Shien Tan, Director of Admissions

Hilary Petersen, Associate Director of Admissions

Virtual Learning Weekly Schedule

Academics: Virtual Learning Update

We are halfway through our first week of virtual learning, and so far things are going well, despite power and internet outages on Tuesday. This will be a learning curve for both teachers and students, but we have been pleased to hear positive feedback from many students and parents. Parents can best support their students by becoming Canvas observers, and reaching out to your student’s advisor if you have general questions about virtual learning.

Online tutorial to Become a Canvas Observer

A Note About Attendance:
Because classes are not synchronous (live) teachers are tracking attendance in multiple ways over the course of the week. Student participation in class is measured by

  • Responding to the weekly agenda of work
  • Submitting assignments on Canvas
  • Connecting with the teacher through Canvas messages or email

Each week teachers submit the names of students who are not engaging in classes to guidance counselors and support staff. These people will be reaching out to students and families to determine why students are not engaged and to help solve problems with engagement.

These participation measures are essential for teachers to know that students are okay and understanding their work.

Communication and flexibility are key to making this new learning system work smoothly. Please reach out to your students’ teachers, Kelley Duffy (Director of Curriculum and Instruction), or Stephanie Cheney (Academic Technology Coordinator) if you have questions or concerns or suggestions.

Updated Medical Insurance Information from United Healthcare

The safety and well-being of your student is of primary importance to us.  In that spirit, below please find valuable information concerning the student health insurance plan from United Healthcare that you have purchased for your student.  Please note this is not intended to be a comprehensive summary of the benefits/exclusions in the plan. Please refer to the plan summary and brochure/certificate of coverage for additional details.

As you will see, United Healthcare has taken significant action to ensure that your child is covered anywhere in the world.  Testing and treatment of COVID-19 is eligible for reimbursement under the plan. Please note, United Healthcare will not issue any pro-rata credits/refunds for the student insurance policy.  This is in keeping with the policy where it states “Refunds of premiums are allowed only upon entry into the armed forces.” (Section 2: Effective and Termination Dates in the brochure). 


  • Your student does not need to be at school to be covered – Your student’s coverage is in force and covered expenses are eligible for reimbursement anywhere in the world INCLUDING your student’s home country.  


    • Treatment of the Coronavirus is eligible for reimbursement – There are no exclusions in your plan for pandemics/epidemics. 
    • Screening/Testing of Coronavirus is eligible for reimbursement – even in the absence of symptoms.  Here is United Healthcare’s official statement: “UnitedHealthcare has waived all member cost sharing, including copays, coinsurance and deductibles, for COVID-19 diagnostic testing provided at approved locations in accordance with CDC guidelines.” It is important that testing follows the CDC guidelines.  See attachments for additional details.
    • Telemedicine/Virtual Visits – We are attaching documents published by United Healthcare Student Resources that address the Coronavirus.  Please note that the sections addressing Virtual Visits and/or “HealthiestYou” Doctors are designed for students over the age of 18.  However, if you or a Guardian calls on behalf of the student, that number may prove helpful.  If someone does call, they should be prepared to validate their role as legal guardian.
  • Travel/Lodging
    • Your policy is a medical expense policy and does not include reimbursement for travel/lodging costs.  
    • Your policy does include Assistance/Evacuation Benefits.  A full description is provided in the brochure.  This service needs to be engaged in advance of incurring any expenses.  The service is designed to assist the student if they are suffering from an illness/injury and cannot secure appropriate treatment where they are located.  If you believe a situation might require this assistance, you/student can reach out to the number located on the back of the ID card.  Again, this service must be engaged in advance.  It does not and will not “pay claims”. 


  •  If you have not already, please establish a My Account (United Healthcare online system).  This will enable you to:
    • Print, view and request an ID card
    • Review claims status/EOB’s (Explanation of Benefits)
    • Submit claims
    • Locate a provider/pharmacy (for students still in the United States)
    • Review coverage information – confirm dates of current coverage
    • Review/print a copy of the plan summary
  • How do I establish a My Account?
    • This link: – provides a video on how to set up a My Account
    • Once completed, contact our broker and they will help you complete the process
      • Email: (preferable)
      • Phone number: call 1-844-232-7370 (during the hours of 7:30 a.m. EST and 4:30 p.m. EST)
  • How do I submit a claim?
    • Through the My Account system once your account is established.
    • Other submission options are noted on the attached claim form (excerpt below):
  • How do I check the status of a claim?
  • How will the claim get paid?
    • While United Healthcare is willing to pay non-US providers, most of those providers will require the student to pay them and then have the student seek reimbursement from United Healthcare.   Importantly, the check will be made payable to the student in US currency (after currency conversion has taken place).  A check will be mailed to the address indicated on the claim form. 
  • Where can I find general information concerning United Healthcare Student Resources and COIVD-19?

This link: provides that information and will be updated consistently as the situation continues to evolve.

Recent Updates

Contact the Resident Life Office:

Jacob Abbott : Dean of Students, Director of Residential Life—Dorm Parent
Jacob Abbott

Jake Abbott has been a part of the LA community since 2006. Jake has worked in a variety of roles at the school. Currently, as the Dean of Students and Director of Residential Life he is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the schools residential population and the various departments that support it. Jake also supports the operations of the school, shares in the management of student discipline, and supports many student programs, extra-curricular activities and initiatives to get students involved in learning and exploring new opportunities. Jake is also very involved in the local community serving as a member of the Newcastle Fire Department, where is also on the Board of Trustees. Jake is also on the Board of Directors at Central Lincoln County YMCA.


Academic Affiliations:

B.A. Liberal Studies, University of Maine, Augusta
M.S. Education Leadership, University of Southern Maine

Wechat: eekabbott
Cell/Whatsapp: +1 207-831-6879

(207) 563-3596 ext. 231
Sarah Kennedy : Vacation Programs Coordinator, Outreach and Administrative Assistant
Sarah Kennedy

Sarah Kennedy '00 grew up in Pemaquid and went on to study Spanish and International Relations at the University of Maine and University of Costa Rica.  She coordinated volunteer education programs and fundraising for a small non-profit organization in Nicaragua and then went on to join Sustainable Harvest International as the Director of Development and later transitioned to working as a program director specializing in outreach and service learning programs in Central America.  In 2012, Sarah took a position with AmeriCorps and Santa Clara University's Center of Sustainability to develop school garden and community nutrition programs in San Jose City Schools.

In 2013, Sarah’s family had the opportunity to return to Maine and was excited to become a part of Lincoln Academy’s new Residential Program. Sarah developed LA’s homestay program and loves welcoming students from around the globe to our community here in the Midcoast. Sarah works part-time as support staff in the Resident Life Office and is also a member of LA’s Website Team and Grant Team.  

Academic Affiliations:

B.A. International Relations - University of Maine, Orono
B.A. Spanish - University of Maine, Orono

(207) 563-3596 ext. 223

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Lincoln Academy will begin fall orientation on August 31 and regular classes on September 14.

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